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Suggestions for an ultraportable please.

  MrNewName 12:38 03 Jun 2011

I've been thinking of an iPad/tablet etc but as things change, it seems that an ultraportable laptop would be the better option for me now.

Can anyone suggest one please? I've been looking at the Alienware M11x but I don't need the gaming power. However, it seems pretty powerful and should last the distance.

Budget up to £800 or so but could stretch a little if necessary I think.

I need lots of storage space (c500GB), 4GB or more of RAM and an i3/i5 processor. A screen size of 10-13 inches will be fine.

Battery life will be an issue - I will likely be away from a power source for long periods of time. Weight will be another issue as I will use it with my camera gear - all together it adds up a lot when on my back!

Thanks for any help, Kevin

  MrNewName 18:38 04 Jun 2011

Quick bump ;)

  100andthirty 07:36 05 Jun 2011

what about this?

no personal knowledge

  Forum Editor 08:48 05 Jun 2011

I'm a little confused.

In your opening post you say "I've been thinking of an iPad/tablet etc", and then you go on to say "I need lots of storage space (c500GB), 4GB or more of RAM and an i3/i5 processor. A screen size of 10-13 inches will be fine."

An iPad is an excellent travelling companion, it's about as portable as you can get, offers you email and internet access more or less anywhere, will store your data files, enable you to work on the move, etc., but doesn't have the storage space or RAM that you say you require. I acquired one myself a short while ago, and it is already an indispensable part of my travelling kit.

I need a Windows machine when I'm working away from home however, so I travel with a laptop as well. I'm currently using one of these

  wee eddie 11:42 05 Jun 2011

FE told ~ Not about Spamming but of the Faulty Link

  MrNewName 06:39 09 Jun 2011

Sorry for the delayed response - I didn't get a notification of the replies being posted.

Re confusion:

I said that I was thinking of a tablet / iPad etc but things have changed.

Thanks for the recommendations. I have not seen the Acer before so will check out any reviews.

I also like the ThinkPad series, having had one many years ago and it was impressive. My concern is that they are no longer made by IBM. Does the quality still stand with the best?


  chub_tor 09:51 09 Jun 2011

You might like to look at the Toshiba Portege range Click Here my daughter bought the R700 model shortly after they first came out and has been delighted with it. 13.3" screen, lightweight, slim, has a DVD drive and has been very reliable.

  Forum Editor 23:29 09 Jun 2011

"Does the quality (of the ThinkPad) still stand with the best?"

In my opinion, yes, it does. I have used ThinkPads on and off for years - I've had several - and as far as I'm concerned the build quality of the Lenovo version is every bit as good as the original IBM models.

  MrNewName 09:08 10 Jun 2011

I like the Toshibas and have had a few / purchased a few for others over the years and have been impressed.

The Portégé similarly have a good reputation so I'll take a look at these.

Thanks all.

  MrNewName 09:18 21 Jul 2011

In the end I went with an Asus U36JC and am pretty pleased with it.

  chub_tor 10:02 21 Jul 2011

That Asus looks a pretty good machine, however I would need a built in DVD Recorder.

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