Suggestions for sub £1000 laptop

  calranthe 07:34 30 Jan 2010

Hi all,
I'm looking to buy a new laptop where as with my desktop pc's I just buy parts and build myself, laptops are a totally different creature and one i've been burnt with in the past.

My primary needs are gaming (eve, Startrek online, mass effect 2, left4dead 2) I realise I won't be able to play these on max settings that is what my desktop is for.

Also I want it to be able to handle movies etc (when not being used as a portable it will be hooked up to our 37" lcd TV and be used as a media pc)

Driver support.

Now my last notebook which im writing this on was a fujitsu amilo pa3553

Nice but two major flaws firstly it came with a weak processor 2gb of graphics and a wierd cross fire ati graphics card custom mobile which meant it was slow as hell in vista, I tried to downgrade it to XP (knowing that in xp it would probably make an okay games/media machine) but the actual crossfire/ati combo inside isn't possible to be used in xp even with custom hacked drivers.

I upgraded to 4gb and still it was slow even with all the bells and whistles of vista disabled.

So im looking for a new upgrade one that doesn't end up a lame duck.

Any help is really appreciated

  GaT7 22:29 30 Jan 2010

Hi calranthe, for a start, these benchmark lists should give you a fairly good idea about which graphics card (GPU) to get: click here, click here & click here.

Most laptops these days have fairly good basic specs - dual-core CPU, 4Gb RAM & large hard drives. So choose a few laptops with GPUs from the above links that will play your games (or some of them) on medium settings at the very least. As a gamer, the GPU ideally needs to be the best you can afford / fit in your budget. The rest of the spec will be good enough to cope with the games & just about everything else.

Post the links of some laptops that you think will be suitable. Then we'll take a closer look & let you know either way. G

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