Suggestion for the Mag

  Kevscar1 21:12 18 Jul 2008

I know you do good reviews of Products but how about one on Computer Builders.
Once a month buy a Mid range custom built machine anonymously through one of the staff then review them on advice given proir to order, delivery times, did it work when it arrived, customer service if there are any problems, time taken for repair and return. Compliance with DSR and Sale of Goods Act.

Any other suggestions please add

  spuds 22:04 18 Jul 2008

This subject as already been discussed a number of times. Tooo costly.

Perhaps Which magazine might be interested ;o)

  Forum Editor 22:49 18 Jul 2008

and making judgments about a supplier based entirely on one buying experience is hardly the way to proceed.

  Kevscar1 06:58 19 Jul 2008

but as customers that is exactly what we have to do.
If a supplier doesn't treat us right we don't buy from them anymore
I just felt that as a company you could do this without a consumers emotions blurring their judgement

  Forum Editor 08:23 19 Jul 2008

we don't buy from them anymore"

Well, that depends on the circumstances, doesn't it? It certainly wouldn't be fair - either to a supplier or to our readers - to publish the results of s single buying experience. Suppose we happened to strike lucky, and got a good machine and great customer service from a company that had previously been the subject of hundreds of complaints in forums all over the web - would it be fair and balanced if we gave that supplier a good review?

What if we had a nightmare experience with a company that enjoyed one of the best reputations in the business - would it be fair to them or our readers if we printed a condemnation?

Buyers make decisions based on all kinds of information, and of course not everyone needs much by way of customer service - if I want a certain computer I can buy it without talking to anyone, and if it works perfectly from day one I will never need any customer service.

There is only one way to assess a product and/or a company's service, and that's by listening to consumer feedback. In an ideal world you would come up with a set of carefully worded questions and put them to as many consumers as possible. Then you would have the nearest thing to an objective survey you could get.

The problem is, some businesses with bad customer service mend their ways, and others deteriorate - the situation is constantly changing - so to be really helpful your survey would have to be repeated at frequent intervals.

My advice is to find a good forum - one that tries to maintain a sense of balance in its attitude towards consumers and suppliers. One that doesn't automatically side with a consumer, or believe that all suppliers are efficient and fair-minded in their dealings with consumers. Find a forum like that and you'll have a pretty good head-start when it comes to making decisions.

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