Sudden disconnection from Tiscali-Talk Talk?.

  spuds 11:40 18 Jan 2011

Have any forum members been suddenly disconnected from the Tiscali-Talk Talk broadband service, or know someone that as?.

I had a rather bad experience of this last week, and I believe quite a number of other people have had similar experiences, which have or are being investigated by the relevant watch agencies. If you yourself have had this experience or know someone that as, would you care to share those experiences?.

  ella33 12:11 18 Jan 2011

Would like to know more about this, if anyone does have similar experiences to spuds. I don't actually belong but was considering it in the near future, so people's experiences would be helpful

Spuds I have known two people who gave up with it in late 2010 because their service was on and off, but as this wasn't me I can't fairly give the exact facts.

  spuds 13:58 18 Jan 2011

There appears to be a number of problems, especially regarding billing, and as far as I am aware, Ofcom and other agencies are involved because of the complaints they are receiving.

My problems have been intermittent since Talk Talk purchased Tiscali, and things started to go seriously wrong about two months ago. One item, was that I was suddenly disconnected from the broadband service. I brought in a IT and computer guy, who immediately found the problems for the disconnection where possibly or mainly with the ISP. Getting that resolved, I thought that I was back to normality. But I definitely wasn't by the look of things.

Last week, I was suddenly disconnected without warning. Going through a whole lot of rigmarole, I was told that I had been disconnected because I had not paid the previous months bill. Considering that Talk Talk- Tiscali have been collecting payments without problems in the past, it appeared that their system had not done this time (customers fault?), I was rather annoyed. Following this through via other medias, I am not alone with billing and sudden disconnections (without warning) problems.

For re-connection, I was told that this would take possibly 48 hours. Yet after 48 hours, I had not been connected, and I was forced to act on this, otherwise I would not be on-line now. Trying to get positive answers to questions, is nearly impossible. They just don't seem to care, and for me to state that, after recommending other people to their service, make me feel absolutely ashamed and annoyed!.

  john bunyan 14:17 18 Jan 2011

I have been with Pipex (Now Tiscali / Talk Talk)for about 15 years. Last year was poor re speeds etc, but now I am getting 6.8Mbps, and no billing or other problems and hardly any spam. Nearly dropped them last year but for the hassle of e Mail address change and my determinaion not to sign up to a long term contract wit another ISP. Am staying put for above reasons.

  spuds 16:25 18 Jan 2011

Talk Talk are making changes to the billing procedures with Tiscali subscribers account holders, and you may have received an email about this, and it particular about adding talk [email protected] to your email address book . If you have paperless bills, and you have not received the latest bill notification, then start to get worried?.

  john bunyan 17:18 18 Jan 2011

Nothing so far. I am on a DD still saying "Pipex"

  sunnystaines 18:47 18 Jan 2011


sorry to disappoint but my talktalk and its billing running ok, had ups and downs in the past though

  finerty 19:58 18 Jan 2011

i keep getting their letters begging me to sign up still haven't since ive heard about the complaints on the BBC news

My son had a billing dispute mid December 2010 with T/T & finished up without telephone plus his own number. He has now contacted BT and has to wait until 4/2/11 until BT can give him a new line and number.

  KremmenUK 06:45 19 Jan 2011

Get a MAC number and switch.

They wouldn't mess me about more than once.

I know others may disagree with the company but I've had no problems (and faster speeds) since switching to O2.

Let me just look at the latest PCA ISP article to see who came top ............ O2 (unless I'm reading it wrong).

  john bunyan 09:20 19 Jan 2011

If you want a combined deal and are willing to sign up for a lenghty contract I am sure you are right re O2. I prefer to stay with BT as phone line supplier for a number of reasons, and will not sign up to an ISP for more than 1 - 3 months, so if I switched to a broadband only service, I was considering Zen (Top of Which list) on service and uk tech back up grounds. However it is a hassle to switch if you have a lot of e Mail contacts, so as Pipex have inmproved I am giving them a stay of execution.

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