Stylish, Wireless, Hi Spec Laptop

  mobad 15:41 29 Dec 2004

Any 1 know where I can get 1 designed or buy one from?

Minimum Spec -
Fast Processor
512mb minimum ram
40gig minimum space
1 * ethernet port
128mb graphics card

Battery Life minimum 5 hours

I need somthing reasonably light, Stylish and compact for when I am on the move.
I have been searching for weeks and still unable to get a perfect match.

Budget is £1500

  Kate B 16:30 29 Dec 2004

Not sure what the graphics card is on these machines but have a look at the Apple Powerbook range here: click here

lovely, elegant machines, though you need to up the default RAM: they only ship with 128MB.

*looks around anxiously to see if anyone is about to burn me at the stake for heretical Apple thoughts*

  mobad 18:13 29 Dec 2004

I want a laptop that uses Windows Xp OS only

  bfoc 18:37 29 Dec 2004

A Dell Inspiron 8600 with 1 Gig of Ram a Pentium M 1.7 and 60 Gb hard drive, 15.4 ultra high resolution widescreen, 128mb Radeon 9700 pro graphics and inbuilt wireless for the last year and it is wonderful.

Great battery life, runs any Office application and have just installed my Christmas present of Doom 3 onto it and it runs really well - great detail and great speed!

Not sure what Dell's current offerings are but can recommend the Radeon Graphics, the Widescreen format and the extra memory. The Pentium M chip is wonderful if battery life is important!

If it was me I would check the Dell site (see what ofers they have and also do a google search for Dell Vouchers), the Evesham site and perhaps Mesh. You might also want to check Toshiba through Pc World/other outlets.

  TomJerry 20:54 29 Dec 2004

powerful and stylish ones are easy to find

light one slightly difficult to find (how light is light for you? what screen size you want)

5 hours battery time: almost impossible unless you chose high capacity battery pack which is heavy, there are many have claimed battery time of 4.5 hours, but normally it does not last that long in real application

  mobad 22:47 29 Dec 2004

I want sonthing small and neat mayb 15" or smaller.

Well light as in not that heavy to make it uncomfortable for carrying.

  TomJerry 13:27 30 Dec 2004

but you can get a spare bettery to solve your problem

£1091 Systemax TourBook® 5250 click here

2.68kg, very light for a 15" model

bettery time is 4.5 hours according to a computer mag test

graphics is ATI mobile 9700 128MB, By the way, you need to look what is graphcs chip, graphics memory alone is not enoughfor good game playing graphics

  TomJerry 13:31 30 Dec 2004

but more expensive and graphics are not as good as systemax tourbook
click here

  Maverick81 16:06 30 Dec 2004

The only way you are going to get 5hrs battery or anywhere near 5hrs life from any notebook is if you choose one of the ultra portable notebooks, I suppose you could in theory buy two batteries.

Its pointless anyone advising anyone notebook, I dont think I have ever found one that will last 5hrs from one battery ever...

Check these vendors out for good notebooks

click here , click here , click here



  Kate B 16:44 30 Dec 2004

Apple notebooks last five hours between charges - as far as I know they're the only ones that do. That's why I recommended them.

  Urotsukidoji 16:55 30 Dec 2004

sexiest laptops ever? (well in my opinion)


go look


sell your soul (you will need to to afford one :P )


enjoy the envy of your mates!

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