Stupid calls from TalkTalk and Carphone!?

  theDarkness 12:27 07 Nov 2009

Has anyone else received strange calls after signing up with Talk Talk? I am receiving calls in the middle of the night, so far from 01925-555601, and also just received a phone call last night from 08456-02111.. at almost 4am !!

The home here has only just joined up with TalkTalks net+phone deal. Searching the net for these numbers, they were very easy to find on websites, usually with phone owners certain they are linked to scam artists in foreign countries:-
click here
click here

I have noticed on the net that many other people are getting abusive people on the other end wanting money from some of these exact numbers, for bills they do not or no longer owe. Many are claiming they are definately official TT numbers. For this house, I have noticed that although billing is supposed to be automatic, the last bill (last months) has not been taken from the bank account.. I have emailed both TT and Carphone.. as I do not want to be woken up by a poorly trained possibly foreign call center that deals with billing at 4am gmt and doesnt care what time you go to bed! :( If the account is supposed to now be set up as automated billing, and TT have the details of the account holder, surely they do not need to call here at 4am every night!? If these annoyance calls were not from TT, they could be from O2s text service messages (perhaps least likely, possibly switched on after joining TT-automated adverts to the home phone?) but in my view (and probably most likely) from talktalk call centres. I have found that they do have foreign call centres, one is in africa, but the numbers I get on 1471 (top) for these calls are seemingly british in origin. Could the real numbers be hidden? I have only answered the first of these calls, which just gave out bleeping noises, like a normal tone phone (the first number stated, top).

I think it was on the bbc news online fairly recently with foreigners/scammers setting up a clone TalkTalk website to obtain bank details from TalkTalk customers via email-not the best time to be getting strange calls at 4am :) I do not want these numbers to call non stop until the contract runs out! With my first email to Carphone so far I received a message to say that they could not currently state if they were official TT/Carphone numbers, but they were very polite, and said they would look into it if I wished them to do so. I said yes and am now awaiting word. I have had no reply from Talk Talks own website as of yet.

The house here has only had 2 (so far!) of these annoying calls, with the last one this morning at almost 4am (!), but they were only a couple of days apart, so surely linked-perhaps not enough for a major complaint (cant even send this to watchdog, their website wont accept my message, lol), but many others have had these exact same numbers non stop, so perhaps someone should cover Talk Talk regarding this on a programme in the near future :(

  Input Overload 20:29 08 Nov 2009

I asked my brother on the phone half hour ago if he had any such issues, he said not & he has been with TalkTalk since day 1.

  Input Overload 20:33 08 Nov 2009

Just put the phone down, you will soon be removed from any list you are on, I sometimes get Americans phoning me, they get about 2 seconds, & strangely the calls have stopped. By listening etc. you are just encouraging them, don't even speak press the off button.

  Spark6 23:22 08 Nov 2009

No such problem with my TT account.

  theDarkness 12:50 09 Nov 2009

thanks for the replies!

browsing the net, it seems that 08456-021111 is definately a BT text service, click here
it must be fairly new-and surely explains as to why some people were getting phone calls during the odd hrs! im definately with TT now though, and ive never had calls from this service before, which raises questions, they must set it to ON as default, unlike BT?

I just received another call today from 01925-555601 (12pm instead of 1am beforehand!)- but just missed it, as I was coming through the front door! Its definately a TalkTalk number. I know last months bill has not for some bizarre reason being taken from the bank account, but ringing me first time (from my first post) around 1am in the morning is no excuse! :) they must be desperate for the money, haha. I will have to ring TT regarding why the payments have not been taken, but I will definately be enquiring about calls from this same number at 1am. I have been sent an email from TT now, they state its a 'non important' TT number. I hope its not advertising! >:)

As for the BT automated text number calling at 4am, I can only guess that if this BT text message service at 4am is not also related to any TT enquiry (they text home numbers at any time asking for bills now?!), perhaps some other companies are using automated texting to advertise to home phones now.. how annoying! lol. TT must switch this BT text service on after you join up with them, as Ive never had messages from 08456 before

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:15 09 Nov 2009

TalkTalk is plain bad news. Now that Tiscali has been taken over by them, I'm going back to BT!

CPW / TT = Foul company.

  Input Overload 20:55 10 Nov 2009

BIG Ben strikes 10 again!.... why? Have you looked into the possibility your set-up my be at fault, I know 6 or 7 people with TalkTalk who have had faultless service. what problems are you having?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:35 10 Nov 2009

I'm sure it can't be the set up... I've tried 2 different modems (which I know to be working as I have tested on a different line) and it was working fine before Tiscali had been taken over. Checking the logs it seems the exchange end is timing out, this only happens at peak times but it's really annoying!

I know from working in a computer shop that we get a lot of complaints about TalkTalk and their shoddy cheap service.

Try to understand it from my point of view. We get all our calls, 8mb unlimited broadband all for £14.99 (after some negotiation) and the service was brilliant. Suddenly CPW take over Tiscali, the service deteriorates and we're told we will have to pay something like £20 + set up fee's and that will only give us something like 40GB of downloads. It's quite frustrating after having such a good service for so long. I even tried to resolve the problem with them, they tell me, 'well it's working ok now...', so they don't want to know. I even let them try to beat the package we are on now... and they can't.


BT + PlusNet it is. British companies with a good service.

  Input Overload 03:01 11 Nov 2009

'Only give us something like 40GB of downloads' - My 5 PC(s) are often on 12 hours or more a day & I have never used anything like 40 GIG Ever! And I've done my fair share of downloading. You are the only person with TalkTalk I know who has had issues since the Tiscali takeover. My brother has been with them since day one & has textbook speeds, always.

TalktTalk are the second largest ISP in the UK now. A friend of mine recently moved from BT to Sky and doubled her download speed. You can't just pull a whole company down on the basis of your experience.

You could well have some dodgy cable in a duct a mile from your house & whoever you join wont make any difference. Send a well put together letter by registered post to TalkTalk & tell them your concerns & ask for a response. A letter has far more impact than an Email or phone call.

You could jump out of the frying pan into the fire & pay more for a similar or even worse service?

  Input Overload 03:02 11 Nov 2009

Wrong thread ignore the above!.... Sorry.

  Input Overload 03:04 11 Nov 2009

Doh, I'm going to bed losing the plot.

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