Streaming music/DVDs to my hifi and TV

  Hoseman 10:20 13 Nov 2004

Is there a wireless device or set up where I can play the music and films stored on my PC? Im looking for an economic solution and not something that is going to cost the earth. Any ideas/advice appreciated. :)

  pj123 17:37 14 Nov 2004

Might be nice to tell us what you mean.

You say you have music and film stored on your PC?

JetAudio is free from click here and will play almost anything.

  Hoseman 17:45 14 Nov 2004

Im basically looking to find out if there is a wireless solution whereby I can play music which is stored on my pc direct to my hifi. I think I read somewhere recently that there is some sort of kit which does this and it wasnt too expensive.

Can this setup/device also be linked to my TV so that the DVDs stored on my HD can be screened on my TV? If the answer is no, is this possible another way?

  reddwarfcrew 20:16 14 Nov 2004

pinnacle and netgear

click here

click here

  Praxis99 20:27 14 Nov 2004

I too use my PC as an audio jukebox but I am happy with a wired cable connection from my PC to my Hi Fi in another room which also means I can take advantage of my Audigy 2 sound card.

This is mainly so that I can continue to use WMP10 which I control via a second monitor (connected via a long cable run)in the room where I have my Hi Fi.

That said not everyone wants to mess with wired connections around the home.

While there seem to be an increasing number of wireless solutions to stream audio from your PC I have seen good reviews for the Netgear MP101 and Creatives SoundBlaster Wireless Music product. The Netgear can be had for around 85 quid and the Creative product for 150.00.

Of the too If I was buying I'd be more interested in the Netgear. Indeed I have considered it only to be put off by the fact that it will only stream up to 320kps and given that much of my audio content is recorded lossless at up to 1mps its a none starter.

However if the product evolves in later versions such that it can stream audio at a higher level than it can at the moment(or video content for that matter) I'll look at it again.

Another product worth mentioning is Apple's Airport Express which will work with a PC which seems to be a pretty neat solution for around 100 pounds.

Finally just note that all these products use there own proprietary methods to catalog your collection over and above what you might already use such as Windows Media Player, Winamp etc.

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