Strange 'tech support' phone call

  Esc4p3 20:36 29 Apr 2010

I had a call from an Indian sounding call centre. They asked me if I had a computer at my address (they knew my actual address) and when I said I did they said they were partner of Microsoft and I had a serious problem with my pc. I asked them how they knew but they continued to sidestep that issue. He told me to fire up my pc to show the problem which I went along with but left my Internet connection off! He proceeded to take me to the event viewer to prove how many errors were on my pc and that I probably had downloaded malware as well. He then wanted me to go to a website where Microsoft technicians would be able to help me. I refused at that point and hung up.

So what was he up to, trying to sell me a warranty or antivirus or simply trying to infect the pc in some way?

  wiz-king 21:27 29 Apr 2010

Just a scam to get you to join up to a service and pay lots of moola. Ignore.

  iscanut 23:32 29 Apr 2010

I seem to remember a similar posting some weeks ago. Not sure when, but do a search if interested.

  ronalddonald 07:03 30 Apr 2010

May be hack into your computer and steal other details

  birdface 08:30 30 Apr 2010

click here

There are a few other threads on here recently about the same subject.
Just another scam.

  KremmenUK 12:34 30 Apr 2010

Ooh - can I have a call please.

I'd tell him that my Event viewer is totally clear and see his next statement.

We all know that Event Viewer logs quite a lot of info so he's on to a winner with some people.

I bet his next ploy would be to get you to download and install some Malware to presumably 'fix' the problem.

"Do you have a computer" - you tell me if your a Microsoft affiliated company.

Presumably got your address and phone number from the directory anyway.

Last bit of fun I had was a cold call trying to sell double glazing and conservatories. I had him hooked for about 15 mins before telling him I lived on the 10th floor of a council owned tower block. He wasn't amused for some reason!
I did remind him that he called me and not the other way round :-)

  Housten 17:25 30 Apr 2010


If you read 'fixonclick - has anyone dealt with this company' you will find the start of my problems!! Even now I have not been able to get my computer back the way it was prior to their 'phone call.

I can only advise anyone that receives one of these calls - and believe it or not since the original call I have had another five or so - to tell these people that you don't believe a word they are saying, and then hang up. Maybe they will get the message, but don't bank on it!!

  wiz-king 18:02 30 Apr 2010

Been down the porch route, but had trouble explaining that my door leads into the driveway under the bedrooms - I live in an old coach house - and if I put a porch on the doorway I might have trouble driving into the back yard and stables. Also have had trouble telling a cavity wall insulation man that in the 1800's the didn't have any holes in the brickwork!
But it's fun.

  john bunyan 19:00 30 Apr 2010

When I get such calls, I first ask for a number and address to call back, then say the householder is busy - could they hold? and leave the phone to clock up their phone costs. They usually hang up soon.

  BT 08:13 01 May 2010

I've done that one. The conservatory on the first floor flat was my favorite one.

  Esc4p3 10:25 01 May 2010

Thanks guys, didn't realise the scan was so prevalent - will tick resolved now.

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