Strange problems: Boot problem, crashes and no audio

  SvenDelariviere 17:10 20 Oct 2014

I have a couple of strange and very vexing problems. The shop returned it saying it the problem was too infrequent for them to solve (sometimes it's very frequent and sometimes it isn't). Does anyone have an inkling of an idea what I could do to fix this?


  1. Bootproblems (for 1.5 years now and increasing in frequency):

    When the start-up button is pressed, there's always sound (so something is starting), but nothing boots (no BIOS, no ASUS express gate, nothing). Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes (or much more than a couple) of hard resets to get the system to boot. Somtimes it automatically boots after a couple of minutes (or much more than a couple) of pressing the button.

  2. Crashes (for about a year now)

    My computer freezes, shuts down (and restarts), has BSOD's (often PFN_List corrupt), grey screen, columns of colors (with the cursor unaffected), rows of colors (with the cursor affected). There appears to be no pattern in when it's bound to happen. It used to often happen more often dring the quiet moments and around an hour after a game had been played on it (though rarely during). Now it appears mostly random, though I believe stressing it does increase the risk now.

  3. Audio devices not recognised (for about a week or two)

    My computer doesn't recognise any audio jack (nor microphone), neither at the front or at the back. They don't show up in the list of audiodevices (also not with "show disconnected" or "show disabled". When I connect my TV (with internal speakers) via HDMI, the audio works perfectly.

  4. Keyboard doesn't work in boot menu (to start windows normally or otherwise), but does work in BIOS or Windows itself. (for about a week or two)

Extra info:

  • My mouse (USB-connection) had moments where it automatically disconnected (and often connected again) for a while.

  • Problem persists after formatting the hard drives or using a different hard drive to install Windows on.

  • Problem persists with Ubuntu instead of Windows installed.

  • Problem persists with different plug, cables, speakers, keyboard, mouse or screen.

System Info:

1 x CooMas GX650 650W ATX2

2 x Arctic F8 PWM 80X80X25

1 x Asus M4A79T Del.790FX F RG SA

1 x AMD X4 II965 AM3 3400 BLACK 8M

1 x G.Skill Ripjaws X 8GB (1600MHz, 240-polig, 2x 4GB) DDR3-RAM

2 x Samsung 1 TB SAT2 HD103SJ

1 x XFX 1GB D5 X HD5850 Black Edition R

1 x Sams 22x DL SATA SH-S223C BlB

1 x Iiya 22,0 E2208HDD-B1 CCFL

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