Strange plug

  User-AAE8A2A1-F803-4ACB-B9F96B4C0B5B570C 16:13 19 Oct 2003

Having just taken delivery of a new cd player for my hi-fi, installation went smoothly until i tried to plug it into the mains when i noticed there was no earth pin. With this pin missing it was not possible to plug it in. The earth pin is not used on hi-fi separates. I replaced the plug and everything is now ok. Has anyone else come across this or is it a new trend? Should we have to change plugs just to get power? I know this is not pc related but just wondered what you thought.

  tbh72 16:16 19 Oct 2003

Ummmm if it was not fitted with the correct plug you can be assured it is NOT a uk model. Whilst all may seem fine now remember different areas of the world use different Hz settings for their power supplies. I would question where this product has come from?

  BarryKeith 16:31 19 Oct 2003

It's probably a two-pin continental plug intended for use on 220vac supplies, as long as you have checked that the equipment is intended to operate on 220vac there should be no problems. The only time you would regret changing the plug would be if the equipment developed a fault, in which case the suppliers could say that you had been operating it on a supply for which it was not intended, although there is no alternative supply available.

  recap 16:35 19 Oct 2003

which socket in your PC did you try to plug it into?

  spuds 16:49 19 Oct 2003

Could this cd player be a grey import.I would check with your supplier, due to possible future warranty problems.

I purchased a similar item about 7 months ago.Took it back to the shop, and they replaced the plug to British standards, after checking voltages etc.

  NORFOLK SPARKY 17:31 19 Oct 2003

all equipment sold in UK must be fitted with standard 13a plug. your suppllier appears to be breaking the law in selling it to you

It was a standard 3pin plug minus the earth pin, it was wired up to uk spec and came from a supplier i've dealt with before.

recap it goes in the amplifier not the pc.

  recap 18:45 19 Oct 2003

somdor, or I see now I think, strange computer set up though?

  The Spires 23:37 19 Oct 2003

You sure it wasn't one of the 3 pin Uk plugs with the plastic earth pin that can snap off.

  cycoze 00:16 20 Oct 2003

Is it possible that the player`s plug is meant to be plugged into another seperate that feeds the rest of the system ?

I have a kenwood clock/timer that does this , accepting up to five seperates , acting as a mains adapter .

  Stuartli 08:43 20 Oct 2003

Unless your CD player has an all plastic case it is highly unlikely that it is intended to be used from the mains supply without any form of earthing having been provided.

It would seem that it should only be connected to your hi-fi system direct and I would assume that it is powered via an AC/DC transformer.

The reason you couldn't connect it to the mains is because a plug's normal earth pin also acts as a safety device; if missing it will not allow insertion of the plug and that is clearly the intention with your CD player.

Again I assume that plugging it into your hi-fi provides the required earthing and you should immediately cease using it via the mains - remember, electricity is a wonderful supply of energy but you can't see it coming if something goes wrong!

Have you checked with the player's manual how it should be connected.....?

Any standard electrical appliance sold in the UK must be fitted with a moulded mains plug to the correct BS standard.

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