Strange phone calls

  folsom 20:55 21 May 2010

Had 2 telephone calls today, first one was a 0800 number and when i answered phone went dead...

Rang the number back and voice said it was BT we tried to contact you but were unsuccessful, we will contact you later if we need to.

Second one was this evening again answered phone and it went dead, again 0800 number but this time Sky, tried to contact you but unable to, sorry but will try later if we need to.

Weird or number is ex directory although I am a customer of both these companys.

  ronalddonald 21:04 21 May 2010

I just had one the caller withheld their number just put the phone down on me.

Ive been getting these types of calls and it does get frustrating thats why at one point i was thinking of leaving BT.

  jack 08:27 22 May 2010

Do not Answer the phone.
Simple really, even if you do not have an answer phone.
Simply let it ring
Then 1471
Then call back if it is a call you would like .

Over all the years I have had a telephone - may be 50 or more- I am only now getting my self not to rush to the thing because it is ringing.

It inevitably does ring when - in middle of a meal,[let it ring]
Settled to watch your favourite TV- 1471 and callback at the next break or end of program.
Your phone - you are in charge.

Another annoyance are those callers who plunge into their chat - without considering if it is convenient for you to listen at that time.

Shut them up - tell them to call at a time to suit you and no other.

  birdface 09:15 22 May 2010

We had something similar last week Phone went twice answered it and nothing.
It turned out it was a relation who sent us 2 text messages to our home phone instead of our mobile.

  Pine Man 11:52 22 May 2010

So if you NEVER receive phone calls and ALWAYS make them it must make for a very expensive phone bill and a very cheap one for all the people that call you. Mmmmm sounds like an excellent idea to me;-)

  March Hare 15:00 22 May 2010

As I have no relatives abroad and became fed up with these and other calls telling me I'd won a free holiday or a lottery or trying to sell me things,since i have had a caller display phone I never answer international calls or caller withheld calls and have a greeting message saying so.

  wiz-king 15:03 22 May 2010

I'm with Jack on this one - if I am doing something interesting, like eating, then I let the answer phone cut in after 6 rings. I find I rarely have to phone back, most callers just hang up, few leave a message.

  ronalddonald 01:03 23 May 2010

it can get pretty annoying when they (we couldn't get the callers number) call. Remedy i unplug the phone for a good number of hours or days and just use the free minutes on my mobile.

  jack 08:32 23 May 2010

Pine Man
Certainly my 'call bill' is approx £15 a quarter I am a light user- So that cost is not a consideration.

That is what an anwserpone are for isn't it?

Ron Mc
Unplug the phone - good idea- at the 9pm watershed.

  folsom 12:37 23 May 2010

The problem I have is I do not have "caller display" because I only rent the line from BT not calls,so until I answer it, I do not have a clue who it might be, it's ok taking the line that if it's important they will ring back, but when you are expecting a call from a relative or such, it might be important at that time.

In these 2 cases I found it strange that they, BT and SKY,did not persue whatever it was they telephoned for. As for SKY using a 0800 number, this really did surprise me because most of their numbers are either 0844 or 0870.

  Pine Man 13:34 23 May 2010

I have followed this thread with interest and I still find it strange that, on one hand, someone is prepared to make all calls and answer none, whilst on the other hand a user who is paying for the phone is prepared to unplug it to stop incoming nuisance calls and effectively stop welcome calls from connecting.

Bizarre to say the least and what on earth is a 9pm watershed on the phone?

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