Story about bad Bulldog

  pavvel 16:33 07 Apr 2007

It was ~27 November 2006 I've decided to go for Bulldog broadband. But from the begginning:
I've had already BT line but amazingly every line checker showed me that my line will not support anythig more than 1M, some of other online checkers wasn't even sure about this speed [if I remember it proper enough it regarded to exchange equipment]. I found info about my exchange [independent.?] and Bulldog Broadband suppose to have in there own equipment. 'OK then' I thought. I've spoke to BT they cut me of without probs and then I've started with BB.
They have had 40 working days to do the job. Pretty enough time to lay new line probably.
Let me use time machine now.
Because I've been very patient I've waited till about mid march [first half of march]. And I can tell you they have finally made it - they send me a letter saying, mate U will be a happy user of our broadband. I was amazed.
After 40 working days I've call them and ask, are they gonna manage my Broadband and what is the offer they can give me that will make me keen to wait more. Advisor initially couldn't get me that I'm asking about extra offer for me and repeatedly was telling me what are my ordered parameters of the line. I know I'm foreign. I asked for supervisor, he has told me taht I'll get few months free of subscription, but he'll call me back when he'll figure out how many exacly and at once will tell me what is happening with my order.
Two weeks gone. Another call: what is happening with my order and my free months. This time no one know what I'm talkin about. Promises me to call back next day with info. Another week gone. In the meantime I'm writing to Pipex asking what would be my monthly fee if I would get just 1M or 512k - I've told also about disgracefull service in Bulldog which is now part of Pipex. Response: you need to have phoneline to determine your line speed. Fair enough.
At one poin I've start also write e-mails to customer servo - the same questions. I've also written and said over phone to not proceede my order unless someone will remind yourself where are my free months or will make me new offer.
One day in march: I'm sending an e-mail taht I don't want Broadband Bulldog any more.
72h after I'm receiving e-mail: taht my equipment has been sent and soon I'll be happy user.
Just like that - out of the blue.
Week after I wanted to copy my order process from Bulldog website to show someone after to believe it. But under my order number was already someone else. Strange thing is that the guy assigned to the same bdol number [order number] has started that order in January or so what means before I've ended.
And to make U sure, whole time I've been pacefull and calm.

  Kate B 16:58 07 Apr 2007

Sorry, I'm not sure what your point is ... ? And I'm also not sure what your point is about free months - were you offered them at some point by a salesperson?

  pavvel 20:39 07 Apr 2007

Yes I've been offered 'free months'. But noone has got back to me with that offer [they said they will few times this was a reason I'll agreed to wait]. I've indicated that they do not proceed order untill let me know what their offer is. It has never happened.

I wanted to just teel a story. I recon not everywhere is clear what I ment.

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