storage for microSD cards?

  theDarkness 04:40 11 Jan 2010

I hate losing these things-aaargh! does anyone know of something thats good to store them in, eg just like the card on the left, not the usb adapter? thanks

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  mole44 05:09 11 Jan 2010

Why not backup the data to your pc.

  wiz-king 06:03 11 Jan 2010

Get a business card holder from your local office suppliers.

  hssutton 08:46 11 Jan 2010
  mr simon 09:29 11 Jan 2010

I usually keep them in the small plastic holder they come in.

  jack 09:53 11 Jan 2010

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I have also found that when a certain need becomes apparent- such as yours - there is a certain satisfaction in scouting around at what may be laying around indoors-or in say a pound shop ,tha may with a little bit of imagination and dexterity will do the job for little cost or even for nuffinatall.

  jack 10:09 11 Jan 2010

That should the need arrise I could utilize.
The boxes that photo slides come in, one of those Italian Chocolate- boxes- a small tin box that once contained miniatures of a famous Highland Malt
Anything at all similar a bit of urethane or styrene foam and a craft knife- and bingo top of the range storage for nothing

  fsbb 10:39 11 Jan 2010 search for memory card holder. There are boxes, wallets, cases etc.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:01 11 Jan 2010

You actually need to ask this question? empty Tic-Tac box then.


  theDarkness 23:41 11 Jan 2010

checking out that first amazon result from hssutton - £8 for storage! lol. since the actual box looks to be no wider than 2 SD cards itself, id probably end up losing the storage box also, haha. perhaps i could fit the sds into the storage, and then finally fit THAT into the tic tac box ;) lol. i just wondered if there were any "official" solutions. i guess not!

  robin_x 02:33 12 Jan 2010

I have a small box that I think had post-it notes in. But it has a lid with a catch.

For mobile transportation, how about a tobacco tin?
Give the tobacco to a rolly smoker if you dont smoke.

I recently went out and wasnt sure if I had a USB8GB uSD in my pocket or if I had left it at home.

I certainly meant to leave it at home.

Anyway couldnt find it anywhere when I got back.
Searched every room and place I thought it might be, searched the car/under the seats/down the side of the handbrake etc. It was gone.

Data was backed up but I was FUMING.

Me Mam found it an hour later when she went out.

It was in the boot of the car. Of course, now why didnt I think of that. Bloody Poltergeists.

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