Stopping Debit Card payments

  Pappyon 17:05 07 Mar 2003

The terms of my (soon to be previous)Internet Service Provider, (Glowtelecom) demand that I give them a month's notice when I want to cancel my account with them, which I have done in ample time. They deduct money from my Debit Card.
They deducted the last payment on the 4th March which means I have paid up to the 28 March, so they are not due any more money from me.
I know from posts on here, that these people are totally inept when it comes to stopping collecting payments when they are supposed to.
Is there any way I can ensure that they don't deduct any more payments from my Debit Card without ending up on a "debtors list" by mistake

  mikef™ 17:23 07 Mar 2003

Contact your bank and inform them to stop any more payments informing them that you have given notice to stop and if you have any correspondence including emails make sure you keep copies, if I remember rightly a debit card payment like this is classed the same as a direct debit.

  Djohn 19:28 07 Mar 2003

I'm fairly certain that mikef™ is correct, a Debit Card is the same as a cheque or direct debit, and can be cancelled by you at your bank.

A Credit Card is the one that gives problems, when you want to cancel monthly payments, thats why the company's concerned prefer them.

Cancel through your ISP both by e-mail, and recorded snail-mail, asking for conformation of same to be sent to you.

  SEASHANTY 15:26 09 Mar 2003

Unfortunately once you have given your details to any company payments collected by them cannot be stopped like a direct debit. Direct Debits are
completely different and can be stopped. The ONLY sure way to stop anyone you have given authority to to cease collecting cash on your card is to cancel your card and get a new one with a new number.

  Djohn 16:36 09 Mar 2003

SEASHANTY, you may well be correct, as I have not enquired on this. I do know that on the advertisements, TV. etc. If your order something that is a weekly/monthly issue, then they will always offer you something extra, IE: an extra CD or DVD if you pay by Credit card, rather than Debit card.

To me this as always implied, that it is far more difficult to stop Credit payments, than Debit one's. J.

  A15 23:36 09 Mar 2003

Unfortunately SEASHANTY is right you cannot stop a debit card payment unless you cancel your card. Found this out the hard way when on holiday in USA. paid a $2 registration fee for a phone service to call home, but did not realise this would be collected monthly. Had to cancel the card after my next statement to stop any further payments.

  davidg_richmond 02:20 10 Mar 2003

credit and debit cards are charged from the company's end, ie they run your number thru a payment taking network and your bank/provider gives them the money if its available. a direct debit mandate is a completely different agreement, with a guarantee that lets you stop it when you like. this is an agreement between you, your bank and the company and the bank pays the company on a regular basis rather than the company requesting it, very much like a standing order.

get in touch with your debit card provider - they should be able to contact the company in the event of overpayment. switch payments are not (in my knowledge) able to get your credit reference tarnished.

  Pappyon 17:49 10 Mar 2003

I thank everybody who responded to my post.

  Goldcroft 08:22 11 Mar 2003

Yet again a very valuable thread. I was worried about the prospect of having to get a credit card merely to conform with the demands of Tiscali billing, especially in view of postings re non billing and double billing etc by that company.

Now I believe I may have the answer as to why Tiscali will only accept credit cards, not debit cards and it is not a pretty picture.

  davidg_richmond 10:53 11 Mar 2003

Goldcroft - major ISPs such as AOL and Tiscali are using credit cards to combat fraud according to them, personally i cant believe many people are using dodgy account details to get internet service.

  Goldcroft 22:07 11 Mar 2003

Just how Davidg Richmond does the use of a credit card combat fraud? I thought that credit cards were a prime area of fraud. I remain perplexed about companies such as Tiscali (and you say AOL also)who do not accept anything else but credit cards. Why, why? Can they respond. Other companies I deal with can be paid by credit card, debit card or cheque or even cash.

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