Still looking for a DVD rewriter..?

  Stuartli 09:06 30 Mar 2004

Those who are still looking for a DVD rewriter may be interested in the fact I've just had the regular news e-mail letter from BigPockets with an excellent offer.

It's for the Pioneer DVR-107 8x DVD+/DVD-writer at a VAT inclusive price of £79.99 - also on offer are 100 4x Mirror DVD-R Prium unbranded disks at £29.99.

The 8x NEC ND2500 is only £67. Both drives are in OEM form only, but the basic Windows driver will be sufficient.

Details at:

click here

  leo49 14:40 30 Mar 2004

Bigpockets are one step behind.

SVP have the 8x NEC ND2500 at £59.98 inclusive and the Pioneer DVR-107 at £69.98 inclusive.

  bvw in bristol 15:07 30 Mar 2004

Sshh.....don't tell everyone, they might sell out before I get mine :)

  Stuartli 15:11 30 Mar 2004

Even better...:-)

  rickimalone 19:11 30 Mar 2004

This is the one for me:click here

It is great...............

  The Spires 21:33 30 Mar 2004

I think 16x are due soon. :-)

  GibsonSt19 20:01 31 Mar 2004

You've just gotta jump on that wagon at some point! :)

  GibsonSt19 20:02 31 Mar 2004


  leo49 20:04 31 Mar 2004

No - 16x is going to be the maximum. Otherwise the discs will start shattering.

  Stuartli 09:07 01 Apr 2004

No, they won't shatter. It will be that the technology is too much in the case of DVD burning, on what is basically a system originally devised to play audio CDs at 1x.

The fact that manufacturers were able to get CD-ROM drive read/rewrite speeds up to 52 and even 54x was a miracle of adaption over reality and took several years to achieve.

  Aspman 13:51 01 Apr 2004

Scan have DVD writers in their 'Today only' bargin section today. Worth a look.

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