Steinbergs 'clean'......bugged???

  mikegm6 11:35 09 Sep 2003

I have just read in another forum about 'clean' being full of buggs? I was intending to buy this for LP copying onto my laptop. Has anybody else had problems with this software, and is there a good alternative without breaking the bank?

  Boluwd 12:13 09 Sep 2003

I'm using Clean 4 and updated to version 4.01 without any problems. I originally had version 2.0 and bought the one which included the pre amp. I didn't bother getting the new pre amp. The current version is excellent and I use the Intelliclean option which automates the clean process. It is also bundled with Wavelab Lite which I use to monitor the recording and to get rid of major "clicks/pops" from the master before letting Clean do it's work. You do need a pretty fast processor/memory but I'm still using an old Slot A Athlon 650Mhz with 512MB SDRam (pc133)AND Windows 98SE.(therefore the processing can be slow!!)
I tend not to use the burn facility of Clean as I prefer to use my Roxio EasyCD Creator and then use EAC and LAME encoder to create the mp3. In fact I'm going to clean my MAN "Friday the 13th" vinyl this afternoon..(it's the Live recording of the reformed band taken from the Marquee in 1983.... if anyone is interested!!!)

  mikegm6 09:53 10 Sep 2003

Thanks for all that info...perhaps I will buy 'clean 'after all! I am using a Laptop 2.6 with 512mb mem. Should be OK. I do not have a 'line-in' so will be using the microphone port! Will also be using Nero 5.5

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