Steady on folks.............

  Forum Editor 20:01 10 Jun 2003

I can already detect a whiff of aggression here, and I'll thank you (no names, no pack drill) not to start making personal references and sweeping statements.

-pops- you're not the only 'flower power' era person in the forum by a very long chalk. I stood in that huge crowd and watched Hendrix perform at Woodstock (was that really on planet earth?) and I can personally vouch for the fact that in those days there were just as many bigots, just as many untrusting relationships, as there are now. Hindsight is always a tad selective, and anyone who looks back to the sixties and seventies as a time of peace, love and tranquility is in need of a serious reality check.

Saying that you monitor your grand-childrens' internet habits but that's OK because it's not snooping is frankly being a tad hypocritical isn't it? Snooping is snooping, whether you call it monitoring or not.

I'm very much in favour of trusting a child, but (as anyone who has had a few children knows) they aren't always too strong in the rational judgment department.

I'm against snooping, but I'm for supervision - where's the line drawn?

As far as my wife's internet habits are concerned - she's free to do what she likes, and I haven't the slightest interest in which sites she's visited, or who she's been emailing.

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