stay clear of mesh computers...

  athenrye 15:03 09 Sep 2008

i was trying to buy a new pc, liked the ads from mesh and tried my best to give them £800 of my hard earned...

after using there online chat function i was promised a quote by email, this did arrive but didnt resemble any spec i gave them, over the next three days i was promised more quotes and they never arrived...

my spec wasnt that hard, so i went to dell, used the same online chat thingy and the salesman was great, within the hour i had given them £824 quid!
and my new computer comes on the 11th sept 08

i went on to the mesh owners forum as i had previously joined to check out the thoughts and experiences of the other pc users and posted a couple of my own thoughts just like the one above

they werent slandourous comments and not to hard, just maybe a bit to honest, for example somebody else had asked how long they take to deliver and he was quoted 30 days, in my opinion this isnt ont he website and i think thats not an acceptable time to wait for a pc, no matter what the mod spec is! so i said so

i also lambasted them for not securing my £800, which if this happens on a regular basis means they will lose a lot of money and people may lose there jobs

anyway, i wnet back on to see if i had been a bit harse and if anybody disagreed with me etc and maybe somebody fromt he company had replied to find i had been banned, reason given was "moaning is so yesterday"

sorry if i was the managing director or a shelf stacker at the company i would want to know why £800 of an order didnt complete when the buyer was convinced that this was the right purchase

anyway if i had to reccomend anybody atthis point it would be dell, lets hope that the pc arrives and im very happy, if not im sure that after the good service ive had so far it wil continue in the after sales sector of dell as well

sorry to bore you all but if you are spending alot of money i think you should know what other people have been through in the sales sector of the market with certain pc manufactures


  spuds 16:26 09 Sep 2008

Surely at the end of the day, you did what was right for yourself, and that was making a purchase elsewhere.

I see no point in making a scene about a company, any company, that doesn't want or need my hard earned and custom.

I have had many dealings with Dell over the years, and I think perhaps you are being a little premature in giving praise on an article that not yet arrived, and working to your satisfaction. In your case you were able to make a deal with Dell. In my last case a few weeks ago, I was unable to complete a laptop deal with Dell because of pricing and coding inconsistencies. On that occasion,even though Dell phoned me back three times with better offers, Ebuyer got my business and money, and saved me a few bob into the bargain.

  interzone55 17:25 09 Sep 2008

I don't see a 30 day lead time being excessive.

You have to remember that a PC is assembled from components, most of which travel from the Far East. It would add an excessive amount to the price if these components were sent air freight, so they're sent by sea - a journey lasting about 6 weeks.

If a component from a PC is in short supply they should start to quote lead times taking the next shipment of parts into consideration.

Next time you start slagging companies off, please stop and think what happens between you placing your order and the PC arriving.

And don't hold your breath waiting for your Dell PC, I had to wait 3 months for a server once because they'd run out of the drives I needed...

  athenrye 17:38 09 Sep 2008

hi guys
spuds, i did i say lets hope the dell pc is upsto scratch...

alan 14 sorry didnt see that that on any of adverts re delivery time, sorry we dont have parts and need to get them from the far east, delivery time 30+ days...

cant see that being a major selling point, no wonder mre poeple pick one up from tesco...

if any company who offer computers for sale, should have the items advertised ready for sale innthe very near future, if not they should be advertising as such delay

if i enquire re double glazing i expect the company to have a time delay in manufactuirng the item, not having to wait until he buys certain raw materials from the other side of the world

or if they are operating in this fashion they should say so at the bottom of the advert, lets be honest now should be the motto!

and i do think in the modern fast consumer world 30+ days is excesive, if dell had you waiting for 3 months for a server which slow boat was that on?

a reasonable time would be 10 to 14 days max

i got mine booked in for delivery this thursday within 7 days and thats it been modified


  athenrye 17:41 09 Sep 2008

oh forgot to say

i also emailed mesh, not to complain but to advise them of my decisison

surprise surprise that three days later i have not had a reply, maybe if mesh and not alan14 had replied i would have had some respect for the company

it seems that unless alan14 works for them, they are staying silent on the matter


  Forum Editor 18:45 09 Sep 2008

someone slipped up, you decided not to buy a computer, and now you're posting a warning to others to 'stay clear of mesh computers...' because of it.

Thanks for your feedback, but if I was in the market for a new machine I wouldn't personally make any kind of a decision based on it. All computer manufacturers sometimes have to wait for components - it's the nature of the business. Modern businesses can't afford to hold big stocks of all the various cases, drives, monitors, RAM modules, motherboards, etc., that will be specified by customers. They work from day to day, and as long as deliveries arrive when they should, all is well. Get 200 people ordering a certain graphics card in the same week, and a supplier who tells you that there are only 100 available and you have a problem.

I'm not suggesting this was the situation with your order forecast, but it's a possibility.

Good luck with your Dell order.

  interzone55 20:42 09 Sep 2008

I don't, and never have worked for Mesh, but I used to work for another large manufacturer.

If a model is more popular than expected then it is quite easy to run out of parts, and there is no way on earth that a company running at the low margins common to the IT industry can afford to keep surplus parts knocking around just in case an impatient customer comes along.

PC World exists for people who can't be bothered to wait...

  MESH Support 09:33 10 Sep 2008

Hi athenrye,

You posted 3 posts within the space of 10 minutes resurrecting two threads that were approx 3 months old, and in your posts you did nothing but take pleasure in the fact that you had cancelled and gone to Dell.

That's fair enough, but three times?

I removed 1 of the 3 as, as I saw, they were all the same thing, as it was a stand alone thread but the criticism of our lead time in the two threads remained, and I even replied to one of them.

You were not happy with the wait time, which again is fair enough, you chose to go to a competitor, again fair enough, but what is actually now going on? You are unhappy that your account was suspended? You are not a MESH Customer by your own admission. What possible reason would you now have for posting on the MESH Computers OWNERS club forum?

I am sorry that we were not quick enough to meet your needs but it seems you are now on the path to a hopefully happy relationship with Dell, and with that I wish you all the best.


  Marko797 10:01 10 Sep 2008

you are seeking to malign a company because u are impatient, have little understandng of the procurement process as described above by others, and possibly because your thread was removed from their forum, and are therefore a little angry.

This serves no purpose at all as a non-recommendation, and certainly does not warrant advising others to 'stay clear of mesh computers'.

What a waste of a thread.

Maybe you should have allowed yourelf some time to cool off before you started 'lambasting'.

  Marko797 10:04 10 Sep 2008

if Dell don't deliver in line with your expectations, are we to see another thread along these lines, but with Mesh deleted, and Dell inserted? Hope not.

  athenrye 12:23 10 Sep 2008

time to draw breath and fight back me thinks...

i think im entitled to my opinion, esp when its born out of experience, this situation has brought to my attention various espects of mesh that i didnt know prior to trying to purchase said pc, to be honest and i hope you agree mesh have had a poor time recently, just ask bbc watchdog programme, im reasonble satisfied that with all the info now i think ive made a good decision

its nice to davey reply to the thread, although he ddnt actually mention anything other than my ban on the forum

i dont suppose davey you are actually the dave from the online chat are you? because if you are it was you who took my order and got it wrong... and never replied to the other various chats we had when you didnt send any quotes, or is the name just a coinsidence?

its a poor day when people and companys cant take criticism, im glad my son dosnt operate in the same way(he woul dnever speak to em again)obviously when its due i do give praise stand by dell either way, you have been warned

oh just to show you im not picking on mesh, i tried to buy a very large flat tv yesterday from dixons online for £1000, i saw it in the shop and liked what i saw in currys store (pick up today instore was the sign)

sitting in the comfort of my chair i tried to buy it from the sister company, but was informed that it will tkae 28 days to come, i was in the store and you can pick then up for gods sake!

this morning i went to comet and im getting it on sat morning, so once again another company has lost a serious amount of money for poor service prior to purchase

in this time of reccesion and hard time for staff and companys ou would think they would be pulling out all the stops to secure thier share of the market

maybe this point was missed from my earlier posts, or as most of you thnk of me im just having a good old victor meldrew at mesh expense

maybe a good look at the situation by both companies might find some improvement, then customers can post good comments and not bad

oh the reason i was impressed with mesh initially was the revies from pc advisor and other mags, which i rely on, i also rely on other people here to give adviceso its just not all made up in my head

oh dave may have replied here, stll not got one from the company itself!


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