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  Border View 20:09 24 Apr 2012

First time I have asked a question which is not directly related to computers but figured this would be an excellent forum to pick brains.

I am looking for a new washing machine. I prefer hot and cold fill washing machines but they are like hens teeth. I have found a manufacturer of a washing machine called Statesman XT6 1230W. My problem is that after six hours trawling the internet I can only find one (not very good) review of the company "Statesman".

Statesman web site shows the coming from Gloucestershire..

My question is has anyone reading this any experience of the company? Do you have a Statesman appliance, either washer, oven, hob, fridge etc.

I would be able to purchase a washing machine via a Euronics store but before I do I really would like more information about the reliability of the company and its appliances.

So - have you any experience of the company Statesman?

Thank you.

  birdface 21:09 24 Apr 2012

Well I have to admit I thought all washing machines came with hot cold supplies.Obviously things have changed since i bought my last one.

I always go for Hotpoint as you usually get a 5 year warranty with them,Had this one about 10 years now and still looks as good as new.

I think Euronics has only been going for a few years.They were always cheaper than anyone else but i could never get any customer reviews about them so never bought from them before.They are better known now but the customer reviews are few.

Never heard of Statesman before,probably because I was only interested in Hotpoint's.Hope you get the information that you are looking for.

  Border View 22:26 24 Apr 2012

Thanks for responding buteman. I was praying that someone coming to this forum may have purchased a Statesman washing machine.

I have a Bosch washing machine at the moment. Am tempted to make do with a cold wash and get another Bosch. At the end of the day though I have a hot water cylinder full of hot water and am loath to pay for electricity to heat the cold water in the new washer. There is a highly praised Swedish made ISE washing machine with hot and cold fill, but it £999.

  Forum Editor 22:28 24 Apr 2012

Almost all washing machines are manufactured to be cold-fill only. There are several reasons for this:-

Cold fill machines are far more energy efficient.

They are gentler on fabrics.

There is no danger of contaminated water back-syphoning into the domestic hot-water circuit.

Take my advice - don't try to buy a hot and cold fill machine.

  Border View 22:45 24 Apr 2012

Many thanks Forum Editor. I shall keep your advice firmly in mind.

  birdface 23:24 24 Apr 2012

Cold fill machines are far more energy efficient.

If you have already got hot water through your boiler to the washing machine surely that is more energy efficient than having to heat cold water.

You would have to wait till it heats the water so you would think the wash would take longer to perform.

Well that's the way I see it anyway.Maybe less parts in the W/Machine = more profit.

I was never the brightest light at school mind you so may have it completely wrong.

Borderview. I take it you were reading this page and the next to get your £999 washing machine.

I suppose it is like it or lump it but cold water only W/Machines for all.

  Border View 10:47 25 Apr 2012

I see exactly where you are coming from buteman. It frustrates us no end that we have a brand new heating system that provides us with a large cylinder of hot water and yet are told we cannot utilize it. Must be the same for those people with solar heated water systems.

I did find the £999 hot and cold fill - it gets excellent write ups but £999 outways even the cost of running my central heating.

This all culminated in finding a hot and cold fill washer in this country for £305 including VAT. Its the "Statesman" but try as I can, I can find no information about reliability, after sales, customer care, nuthin. Every other product oozes reviews on the internet. Not so with "Statesman" appliances. I only found one review and they said to stay clear.

I would just like to hear unbiased review of Stateman appliances.

  morddwyd 10:49 25 Apr 2012

Even if you have hot fill you have to remember to run the nearest tap until the hot water comes through. Otherwise your machine simply fills with the cooled water which is between the outlet and the tank.

In addition, many modern hot water systems maintain water at too high a temperature to be ideal for fabric's and powders.

  spuds 12:11 25 Apr 2012

Doing a simple Google search, there seems to be a number of 'agents' offering repair services for Statesman. So there must be a few of these products about.

Personally, I have never come across the brand in my usual,shopping haunts. Even our local Euronics store, doesn't seem to have any on display or advertised,they seem to stock more of the higher branded named products.

For £1.00 you could take out a trial subscription to Which, and check out their large range of tests on various washing machines. Failing that, you could check your local library, who might have some Which magazines available?.

  Border View 15:51 25 Apr 2012

Many thanks for sound suggestions spuds

  birdface 17:55 25 Apr 2012


So far you have came up with the only 2 washing machines that I can find that do hot and cold fills.

A few moans about cold water fills not cleaning the clothes properly and others that think it is just a way of manufacturers to cut down the costs.

Most preferred the hot and cold fills and the odd one preferred the cold fill only.

So like I said before it is a case of like it or lump it or get the old washboards out again for a cleaner wash.

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