Starting from today you will be compensated

  Forum Editor 08:55 01 Apr 2019

If your broadband connection fails, or if an engineer doesn't keep an appointment.

At least you will if you use BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media or Zen Internet.

It's a voluntary scheme, started by Ofcom, and is definitely a move in the right direction. Hyperoptic, Vodafone, EE and Plusnet have all indicated that they will also be joining the scheme.

  Pine Man 10:21 01 Apr 2019

An excellent idea, which is long overdue. I seem to remember BT had a similar scheme for telephone landlines some time ago where you got a payment and calls redirected to your mobile phone.

I must be very lucky with my Sky contract. The last time I was without Broadband for more than a day was in mid 2013.

  Forum Editor 12:37 01 Apr 2019

Generally speaking we see relatively few complaints about broadband services now, compared to the large numbers we saw a years ago.

  BT 17:38 01 Apr 2019

The last time I was without Broadband for more than a day was in mid 2013.

I think mine (Virgin) was before that when there was a lightening strike which set a house roof on fire and blew out the streetside box nearby which knocked out the TV, Phone and Broadband for a couple of days. Give 'em their due they had replaced all the equipment within a couple of days. Get the odd short interruptions from time to time but usually less than an hour.

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