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  Kawlos 19:53 02 Oct 2008

I've decided to plunge into the world of self builds. This one won't be for gaming as I have previously made a post regarding. This is just for general web use and general programs like word and excel.

I'm looking at a budget of around £300 if thats even plausible and £100 for the monitor. So an overall budget of £400. Where should I start.

I've got the possibilty of having an asus p5n32 sli-deluxe as my motherboard as my friend bought one and neglected. Or should I aim for something different? This is just going to be a family computer.

Looking forward to your suggestions.


  Kawlos 19:57 02 Oct 2008

oh I forgot to mention also a xcruiser aspire tower which my friend also didn't use.

  Kawlos 20:23 02 Oct 2008

Intel Celeron Dual Core E1400 2GHz (800MHz) £36.17
Crucial 2GB kit (2x1GB) DDR2 667MHz/PC2-5300 £27.32
OCZ Stealth Xtream 500W PSU - 1x PCI-E 6/8pin, 2x SATA 12cm Fan £43.19
Maxtor STM3250310AS 250GB SATAII 8MB Cache - OEM £28.64

I've taken everything from ebuyer. Although I only otherwise know overclockers as another potential place to buy, Sorry for 3 posts I wish for an editting function.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:45 02 Oct 2008

If you add in the cost of an OS, dvd burner, case, 19" monitor and the rest of the gubbins this here click here looks a better way forward as you are only using it for home use.

If you still want to build I tend to find that Novatech click here have a good selection of components and if you buy from the same place it might work out cheaper.


  Kawlos 20:48 02 Oct 2008

Thanks Gandalf. When would you ever build yourself or do you not think its worth it?
I really want to give it a go but if its not economically sensible I guess I won't bother.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:57 02 Oct 2008

If you want the 'experience' go ahead but it will invariably cost more and can be a pain in the backside whereas the Dell computer is an excellent deal for the price and they are very, very good. If you order online it should be with you in about 5 working days and you can configure it but not much point for a general use computer.
If I was building a gaming rig then I would consider a self-build (but I would probably buy from Cougar, as I have already done for a friend's son, rather than faff around) but I cannot see the point in paying more for a general use computer that you have to cobble together yourself, wait for parts to appear and spend a lot of effort.


  Kawlos 21:07 02 Oct 2008

Thanks Gandalf. I understand what you mean. :) Much appreciated. I guess the components on the dell are quite poor compared to a similar self build although the self build would cost more and the generic components wouln't be available.

I've look at cougar. If I was to say a budget for just a base unit could you please give me a spec?

Thanks once again,

  Kawlos 21:12 02 Oct 2008

Not that it matters too much but the dell os is 32 bit. With no option for the 64bit. What is the advantage of 64bit vista?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:53 02 Oct 2008

click here I wouldn't bother with 64 bit as it has no advantages for general home use. The components on the Dell are good..not mad gaming good...but still good and will cope with anything that you want. 'Poor' is not the best way to describe them.

I can advise you on a base spec but the guys at Cougar are really first class if you just need advice.


  Kawlos 07:00 03 Oct 2008

Thanks for the help G. Much appreciated. By the way how do you keep up with all the low down in technology, from reviews and just basic reading?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:17 03 Oct 2008

To be truthful, you can blind yourself with new technology. Computers have not basically changed since 1998 and windows 98. They have become quicker but for most users who use t'internet and a bit of Word processing, they remain the same.


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