Staples "On-Site Warranty"

  DANSCU 15:01 03 Apr 2003


Thought you might be interested in my story. Everyone has heard of the fact
that paying for warranties for their PCs sometimes works out quite
expensive. However, in my case I paid for the warranty and didn't even
receive it when my PC went wrong.....

I purchased my PC less than 2 years ago from Staples (a Scott Series 400 PC)
and in January of this year the graphics card failed to work when I
reinstalled Windows ME, despite installing the necessary graphics drivers.
I got in touch with Staples on 10th January and was given the contact phone
number for PC Trouble, a company that carries out the on-site warranty on
their behalf.

This I did, but at first PC Trouble only offered advice by email. Over the
next 2 weeks I tried to use the advice they offered, but it did not solve my
problem. I then began to insist that an engineer should be called to my
address to solve the problem, but over the following 6 weeks they failed to
do so, despite repeated requests. After 2 months of waiting I had had
enough of chasing PC Trouble, and as Staples kept referring me to PC Trouble
for help, I had no option to enlist the help of someone I know to solve the
problem for me (at a cost of £50 for 4 hours work).

On 10th March I contacted Staples Customer Services manager (Penny Tappin)
by email, explaining that I believed that I should be entitled to a refund
of the approximate cost of the on-site warranty that I had paid for (but not
received). I had also wasted hours myself trying to fix my PC's fault.

To my amazement, despite several emails chasing the manager, even via
colleagues (even Staples Marketing dept. when I got desperate!), I have not
heard from her to this day (4 weeks later). All I have received is some
apologies from someone in the Customer Services dept. and the knowledge that
"PC Trouble are no longer the services agents for Scott PC's". You can
imagine how frustrated I am at the moment, and I feel that I have been
"brushed off".

  spuds 00:35 04 Apr 2003

You do not say how long your warranty was for.Check the small print, and visit the store that you purchased the machine from [if still possible], and request that the manager deals with the problem. Failing that, visit your local trading standards for the advice and help.

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