Staples selling shareware

  WhiteTruckMan 17:31 09 Jul 2006

was in staples today just browsing the toys and came across a stand of cheap software. you know the type: create a garden, manage a virtual railroad, learn to touch type etc. all for £9.99 each. I picked up a 200 arcade type games disc and was looking at the back to see what it runs on. (usually if it runs with windows 3.1 I smile, put it down and walk away) Imagine my disquiet when I found the statement that this was all shareware and if I liked it then please consider donating funds to the authors yada yada yada. I dont have problems with shareware, and indeed have made a couple of donations in the past, but I dont like the idea of paying for it, then being asked to donate.


  Jimmy14 18:27 09 Jul 2006

I entirely agree.

  jack 20:59 09 Jul 2006

Many years ago in the days of Amiga and Atari ST
It was quite common to be able to purchase compilations on floppies and Cd's- and even now at computer fairs I have noticed them.
In the early day it was of course the only practical way of doing it- If you were on line it took at fortnight of bank holidays to get something in at 14Kbs.
The makers of course charged only r a 'nominal sum'
for the effort of compilation and making and distribution.

  Stuartli 22:00 09 Jul 2006

It's only a request to make a donation and I'm sure that the Staples staff would probably be as surprised as you if they were made aware it is shareware.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:12 09 Jul 2006

but they are basically just kids minding the place on a sunday. not worth the effort really. I just wonder what the original authors of the software would think. You may argue that they might have sold the rights, but if thats the case it wouldnt have the shareware disclaimer on the case.


  Jimmy14 22:16 09 Jul 2006

funny enough, see the specific products you are talking about at £9.99 I have seen them before then one day I walked into "Poundland" for a look and there was a basket full of how to- cd's in cases and when I scuffled through they were exactly the same as the ones in the other shop for £9.99 when they sell them for £1.

I believe Comet(plc) is still selling them for £9.99 when they're being sold at Poundland for you know what :)) =£


  spuds 10:42 10 Jul 2006

This is nothing new, Staples have sold similar software in the past, but at much cheaper prices, usually as a clearance sale. These are possibly overspill stock from the Office World merger.

The same thing applies to Staples 'money off sticker offers'. Pays to look before you buy.

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