standard disc scan big problems

  [DELETED] 15:13 25 Aug 2003

I am having problems doing a standard disc scan if this is at all possible:) It can go on for hours and only go a small way..

Is there anyone on here that could clue me in I would be very grateful.

  sil_ver 16:03 25 Aug 2003

You need to shut down all running progs first. Best way is to do scandisk in 'safe mode'

  Diemmess 16:57 25 Aug 2003

Or even boot into DOS and run scandisk as a dos command.

If you are using Win98 and can replace the exe file with one from a WinME installation, this too will speed things for you.

  wee eddie 17:32 25 Aug 2003

What is your OS, and are your core programs.

The first section of Defrag is a Scan anyway, so defrag in Safe Mode is a good move.

Most obvious problems are things like Screen Savers that constantly check the clock.

  [DELETED] 18:22 25 Aug 2003

I am not running any screensavers..I don,t know what OS is..I am running Windows Me..another thing is 'HOW DO I GET INTO SAFE MODE' I am only a novice at this PC so I need some really plain wording..thanks again for your response..

  [DELETED] 18:29 25 Aug 2003

to get into safe mode keep tapping F8 when you restart the pc.

  wee eddie 19:02 25 Aug 2003

Safe Mode, effectively opens the absolute basics. Just the Explorer Window. As Barrie_G says. When you turn the computer on. Keep your finger tapping the F8 key until you hear a 'beep'. If I remember rightly (your OS) Windows ME opens direct into Safe Mode, however you may get a screen with a list of instructions which I think Safe Mode is the 3rd down. Use the Up/Down keys to get there and click Return.

Then go to De-fragment: If you haven't done this before, it could take quite a long time. There are some that talk about several hours if it has not been done for many months.

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