Stand alone DVD recorders

  john-232317 20:47 09 Apr 2005

Hi guys, can anyone tell me if they record what is shown on the screen and the audio. Will they work all over Europe.

I am asking because VCR`s have a slight problem, If its an English tape you dont get audio on a Spanish player and visa versa, would all DVD recorders work or would i need one set up for Spain.

TIA john

  Wilham 22:05 09 Apr 2005

dadyassa: Several years ago I bought a Panasonic E20 DVD recorder to help with my DV camcorder. It also worked fine with TV recording except I was limited to one hour at highest definition. It could record up to 12 hours at lower res, and even self-seek the best quality adjusted to recording length.

I've just upgraded to a Panasonic DMRE95 which has a hard drive as well as DVD-R ans DVD-RAM.
It accepts PAL and NTSC, but will not convert one to the other, nor handle the French SECAM.

I'm pleased with the quality, I paid about £340 from click here

Hope this may help. W

  john-232317 07:17 10 Apr 2005

Thanks for your help, its appreciated.

Anymore input would be great ;-)

Regards john

  pj123 12:25 10 Apr 2005

I have a Liteon LVW 5005

click here

and although I have only used it in the UK I don't see any reason why it shouldn't play in Spain, considering it has OSD in English, French and Spanish.

Don't fancy that one? Give this site a try and look through them all.

click here

  Sapins 13:29 10 Apr 2005

I have just bought a Liteon DVD HDD Recorder model LVW 5045, it works perfectly here in France so I would imagine it would be ok for Spain.

  TomJerry 16:15 10 Apr 2005

there are different variation for PAL format, the main differnet is audio part, sometime colour part of video

only way to can find out is to get a UK DVD and play in Spain player, it it works, then all DVD recorder will be fine, it it does not, you may have problem and you need to have a multi-format player

  oresome 16:47 10 Apr 2005

No expert, but would think that the DVD recording would play back on any machine (in as far as they do) because the format is universal. However, the inbuilt UK tuner (and modulator if you go to the TV via the aerial socket)will probably not be suitable to work in Spain, if UK VHS recordings don't work there.

The UK uses a sound carrier 6MHz away from the vision carrier and I believe this differs in some other countries using the PAL system.

  john-232317 17:47 10 Apr 2005

Cheers guys, thanks for the input. Talked to the guy in the shop and he said if its on the tv it will record on the DVD, so it looks like suck it and see. Will tick as sorted ;-)

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