STAK Trading Refusing To Refund Aopen H500A Case

  Kyro 16:33 29 Mar 2005

Hi, long time PCAdvisor reader. I recently purchased an Aopen H500A case from Stak Trading in Rubgy (click here). I didn’t need the actual case, but I needed the PSU that came with it, to replace a failing PSU in an Aopen H500A case which my client bought about a year ago. (The case is very fussy about what PSU units which actually fit in its chassy).

According to STAK to order a replacement PSU for the Aopen H500A case it would cost the same amount as just ordering a replacement case that came with the PSU. So I obviously ordered the whole package. After picking up and paying for the case over the counter, when I got home I realised the PSU has a 24-pin motherboard connector and not the (what I thought was) standard 20-pin so I had no choice but to return it. I had no idea there was more than one PSU connector type available at the moment.

I live about 35 minutes drive away from STAK so was understandably infuriated when they refused to give me a refund there and then after driving back to them the next day. They stated I had to drive all the way back next week after they had checked the product over. That’s over 3 hours of my time, not to mention petrol expenses, essentially making it 3 complete trips in total.

I was angry at them, but nevertheless agreed to come back the following Friday. (Friday this week). This morning I received a call from them stating that after inspection of the goods they would not offering me a refund or a refund minus a surcharge. They said the product is exactly what I ordered an Aopen H500A case and because it was ordered in for me "special order", as they call it, (despite the fact that it is actually in the product catalogue on their website) there was no valid reason why they should refund my money. £50.

I told them they should have made it clear that the PSU in the H500A didn’t use the standard 20-pin connector. I told them I presumed it did use the 20-pin because the Aopen H500A case I ordered a year ago for my client, did use the 20-pin connector.

My arguments fell on deaf ears and they prodceed to call me (an I.T. Consultant) nieve, which I thought was extremely offensive. After telling them that I thought their service was appalling and to treat a long time customer like myself in this way was extremely off colour. I then said bye and put the phone down.

The phone almost immediately started ringing again, I answered it and it was STAK again. They rang me up again to point out they had made a note on the purchase record that the serial numbers on the PSU and case I bought (as a whole package) didn’t match, insinuating that I had swapped the PSU with a different one from the model they supplied, essentially threatening me with the accusation that I had returned to them the H500A case with a different PSU in an attempt to swindle them. Even though they had amitted themsevles the PSU and Case were in full working order. At this point I went ballistic at what they were falsely insinuating. I then politely closed the conversation and hung-up.

The fact that they are unwilling to offer me a refund clearly indicates that those 24-pin PSU units are not exactly widely used yet, and they don’t think they can sell the item on. To me that just re-iterates even more reason why they should have made it clear to me what I was buying.

Do I have a leg to stand on, or have a just lost £50?

  Maverick81 17:00 29 Mar 2005

I hope this helps 24 pin ATX has been with us a while and are mainly used in workstation systems
I think click here do a convertor but I have to say I am suprised the case didnt come with a convertor


click here

It might be easier to part with £3.00 for a convertor than to get a refund out of Stak trading
I have never dealt with Stak trading but if I were you I would look to source you bits from elsewhere.

Hope this helps


  Kyro 17:14 29 Mar 2005

Thanks for the reply mate.

The client wanted his PC back up and running straight away and I didn't realise it was the wrong PSU until I was at the clients site. So I ended up having to modify his H500A case so a normal sized PSU (which I always have loads of) could be installed. Therefore making the need for a replacement Aopen PSU no longer necessary.

I just didn't want to modify the case if I didn't have to and I didn't think about the possibility at the time of realising the PSU I had bought was had the wrong connector, of just getting an adapter.

  pauldonovan 17:46 29 Mar 2005

...are one to avoid. It sounds like they gave you advice before you ordered, so to turn round and say they can't refund because its a special order is ridiculous if they helped you order it!

If this was the case they should at least have been able to tell you that on your first return trip instead of it needing to be inspected to establish it. I won't use them now...

  Maverick81 17:53 29 Mar 2005

The could have at least of offered you a convertor to get around the problem.....

  Kyro 22:50 29 Mar 2005

So I don't have any legal footing then?

  Starfox 23:20 29 Mar 2005

If as they claim it was a special order,then no i'm afraid you loose.To be honest as Maverick81 says,they could have offered you a convertor.I think they are just being pig headed.

  Kyro 23:53 29 Mar 2005

Indeed. Okay guys, thanks for your time.

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