rizi70 16:28 20 Feb 2013


Can any body tell me which type of ssd dell 7720 se takes? I m planning to install a 120-128 gb ssd as a primary and the original 1tb as secondary drive. sata,sata II, sata III and what type of cddy or cable will I need??


  Bris 18:52 21 Feb 2013

Any SSD should fit OK as long as the existing connection is SATA.

Below is a selection of enclosures. These usually connect via USB and may come with a cable, if not you will probably need a USB type A to B.

You will also need some imaging software so that you can clone your existing drive.

click here

  rizi70 21:44 21 Feb 2013

I think that I couldnt make it clear. I m asking about an internal ssd not the external one.


  Bris 11:52 22 Feb 2013

Hi Rizi70.

Sorry if I didnt make it clear, I was referring to an internal drive. All SSDs are 2.5" with SATA connectors and are backwards compatible, so in theory you should be able to remove your existing HDD and slot in any SSD as long as your laptops connector is SATA.

The enclosures mentioned were for your old HDD which I presume you will be connecting via USB.

  Bris 17:19 22 Feb 2013

Please refer to this before you order any parts.

It appears that your laptop uses the new mSATA drives which are much smaller than the 2.5" SATAs that are usually fitted to laptops. It also seems that there may be two drive bays in which case you may get away with installing a new SSD and still retain your existing HDD internally.

I am not able to help you further as I feel that you need someone to come on board who has knowledge of this particular laptop as it looks fairly specialised.

  Bris 17:51 22 Feb 2013

[here ]1 is a possible external enclosure if you go down that route complete with cable.

Good luck with it.

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