Spyware remover advertised on the telly

  Bob The Blob 18:33 29 Dec 2008

For the first time ever I saw an advert on the television the other day for a spyware removal program. The website was finallyfast dot com and the software is PC Speedscan Pro.
Curiosity got the better of me so I went to the website and downloaded the free software - erring on the side of caution.
After running it told me I had about 150 errors and cleaning them would apparantely speed up my computer significantly! What a load of bull**** I thought and uninstalled.
Now running AVG and it has found Adware.RogueSuspect on my computer - left behind by you guessed it - FinallyFast's own spyware removal software.
How can they be allowed to advertise this s**t on the television?

  curofone 18:44 29 Dec 2008

Just do a quick search on google on the program and seems like there are a few sites out there warning against this software as it seems to install its own spyware and does not unistall it with the rest of the program. Personally for my security i use, spyware doctor, NOD32 and windows firewall (i did have zone alerm pro when they gave it away for free but it slowed my system down massively)

as for it being advertised on tv, well anyone can advertise on tv as long as you pay enough and then i believe it is upto the ASA to remove it if it does not conform to their rules.

The program does claim that they are a certified partner of Microsoft which i doubt very much and would be intresting to see if microsoft have ever heard of them

  tullie 18:57 29 Dec 2008

A simple Google search before installing would have made your mind up.

  Coffee Adict 19:42 29 Dec 2008

I'm a great believer in Google is your friend in these circumstances, but as Bob the Blob pointed out, when you see something advertised on the TV many people may have certain expectations that these have been vetted and not bother.

  curofone 20:00 29 Dec 2008

Guess you should never assume anything, even the biggest of companies lie on their adverts i think apple have been made to remove 2 of their adverts in the last couple of months for false advertising and DFS have been told off for making their sofas look bigger than they really are.

I am no expert on this but i am guessing that tv adverts are only vetted after they have been on tv. The key is do not believe what you see, do your own research before buying.

  wiz-king 05:52 30 Dec 2008

TV ads are only vetted by the great unwashed, ie. if someone complains. The standards authority has guidelines not many hard rules and they are open to interpretation.

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