spyware licence

  pcnerd 21:51 05 Jan 2006

I have recently purchased a spware cleaner for my PC (2/12/05)Earlier this week the company that I downloaded this from informed me that the licence had expired! after 1 month.it was a 12 month contract. I have also tried to contact the company through their support e-mail address, but they are not replying. Has anyone got any suggestions to what I can do next?

Many thanx

  SG Atlantis® 21:57 05 Jan 2006

Well firstly why did you pay for a product like this when you can get them for free?

Secondly would you mind naming the company, as I don't like mystery posts like this?

  SG Atlantis® 21:57 05 Jan 2006



  pcnerd 22:04 05 Jan 2006

Spyware cleaner. Secure Computer, LLc. I was having major problems with shareza I am new to all this so just bit the bullet and purchased it.Didn't realise you could get them for free otherwise I would not have purchased it!!!
Have you any suggestions where I can get a good reliable spyware cleaner ? Please :-)

  SG Atlantis® 22:09 05 Jan 2006

click here

click here

click here

click here

all freebies and come higky recommended.


  SG Atlantis® 22:11 05 Jan 2006

I mean highly recommended

  pcnerd 22:12 05 Jan 2006

THANX MATE much appreciated will use them

  SG Atlantis® 22:22 05 Jan 2006

you're welcome.

What about this license issue with the app you bought? If it wasn't much money I'd let it go.

Those ones I've provided a link to will keep you safe from spyware as long as you update and scan with them regularly, all at the cost of nothing!

  pcnerd 22:28 05 Jan 2006

I think I will let it go ,but won't tell GF about it or she'll kill me!!
Once again Many Thanx

  Kansenji 00:49 06 Jan 2006

Those already listed are OK, especially the Microsoft Anti-spyware (lasts only to July 31st though). You couldn't do better than PAY for Spyware Doctor: click here or Webroot SpySweeper: click here or NoAdware: click here . these three generally are more thorough than most of the Free ones. I think that you need to have at least THREE such programs to stop 99.9% getting through. No-Adware is especially good at detecting spyware that the others miss it is also very fast scanning. I also use Ewido Anti-Malware: click here as this is especially good at detecting & stopping trojans dead.

  Skills 04:53 06 Jan 2006

Ewido is very good and also free, ive been trying out Spyware doctor and personally wouldnt recommend it far to buggy for my liking. Webroot spysweeper has always got good reviews as has sunbelt counterspy.

I use the freebies myself, adaware, ewido, ms antispyware and spywareblaster which helps stop them blasted stuff in the first place.

Also switching to another web browser such as firefox will do a vast ammount to help.

Also can I ask what anti virus and firewall programs you are using?

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