Spyware and AOL

  Southernboy 14:33 26 Jun 2005

AOL users will know that there is now a 'Spy Zapper' that pops up when you sign on, and searches for Spyware. In my case, it always reports in the negative.

Same yesterday. When I signed off I ran the AOL Spyware program which sits on the desktop. It reported three such programs, one being described as a Trojan! Now come neither the Zapper, nor Norton NIS picked up either?

I sometimes wonder just how safe this computer is!

  HondaMan 14:38 26 Jun 2005

Why not send it to AOL and post their reply on the board. They offer all these "free" add-ons, but do they really work?

  CurlyWhirly 22:56 26 Jun 2005

[QUOTE] They offer all these "free" add-ons, but do they really work?

I prefer the conventional approach like Spyware Blaster, Ad-aware, SpyBot, a-squared, etc.

  HondaMan 20:22 27 Jun 2005

Here Here

  rdave13 21:35 01 Jul 2005

Great ISP and I go online without using their software.
Thanks to CurlyWhirly and some problems he's had, I can now browse the net without using AOL software.
Gives my CPU breathing space.:)

  pipedream 09:23 03 Jul 2005

Only this week I was called out to look at a problem with a PC on which AOL Spyzapper had been kept up to date & run daily, which had picked up & removed some entries. I then installed and ran MS AntiSpyware which found & removed 145 files & entries (some quite serious) and Adaware found another 6 after this! The PC now works OK again.

  wiz-king 12:51 03 Jul 2005

I don't think any anti-virus is perfect, nor is any anti-spy ware or pop-up blocker come to that. You need to have one of each running alongside a firewall and the do a weekly scan with another set of programs to make sure you have not had something slip through the net. A belt & braces approach.

  Carronade 02:06 09 Jul 2005


  O2 16:47 10 Jul 2005

RDave13: I'd be interested about using AOL without their software. Do you mean you use IE and Outlook once you've logged-in? Cheers

  CurlyWhirly 17:42 10 Jul 2005

click here

In actual fact it *isn't* me that deserves the thanks but the people who helped me as all I did was ask the question!

  Luigimario5000 19:04 10 Jul 2005

My computer is slow... I dont want to use AOL browser because i am quite happy with Firefox. How do i use Firefox without AOL browser lurking in the taskbar?

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