Spybot last beta.

  rdave13 01:05 21 Jan 2012

Not sure how many of us at the forums use Spybot any more but the last beta 2.0 is looking good. Still a beta though. I'll be trying it from tonight and to see how it goes.

Worth a mention.


  sunnystaines 09:03 21 Jan 2012

keep us updated, had problems with old spybot might try the new version when final build comes out, used to like it.

  rdave13 11:46 21 Jan 2012

This is the new interface, Photobucket, I've disabled Live Protection (Tea Timer) as I'm running SAS professional. Will try immunizing later on to see what it puts in the hosts files.

  sunnystaines 09:36 22 Jan 2012

rdave looks like there is plenty to play around with,thanks.

  QuizMan 18:07 27 Jan 2012

I have downloaded it to see how it fares. A full scan found a few odd bits and pieces where CCleaner is less invasive. Now, however, it insists on running a live check every time I open a new program/browser.

I have taken a quick shufti to switch this off, but without success. I will try again at the weekend when I have more time. It is rather annoying because I thought I had unticked everything automated at the install stage.

  rdave13 18:15 27 Jan 2012

In my link you can see 'live protection' top right. I had it paused then but just click on the words and select stop on all in the list that shows.

  rdave13 18:34 27 Jan 2012

Correction, stop the live protection background service. You can also run it without scanning programs before they start by unticking the box.

  rdave13 18:38 27 Jan 2012

I've just noticed that it integrates to Google Chrome as well as Internet Explorer, so I'll have another go with Chrome.

  QuizMan 11:53 28 Jan 2012

rdave13 - thank you for live protection advice. However, it seems to me that it is trying to be all encompassing making it too complicated for the average user. Therefore, I have removed it and will rely on a combination of Norton, CCleaner and sensible browsing to stay safe.

  Input Overload 13:30 28 Jan 2012

I as many did used this some time ago, I thought about installing it until I looked at the screen-shot. It does look a bit ower complicated comparing it to Malwarebytes for instance.

I saw the other day using coupons the full version of Malwarebytes for £14.

  rdave13 15:08 28 Jan 2012

I will be keeping it for a while though not running the live protection as I have SAS pro doing that. On chrome it leaves an icon near the 'spanner' icon and shows the status. For a freebie 'live' antispyware I think it quite good.

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