"Spoofed" Domain name

  Boghound 10:37 31 Oct 2004

I'm receiving a lot of Mailer-Returns because someone has spoofed my domain name. Whilst I've no virus on my machine it's obviously picked my domain from someones address book. Is there some way of blocking them without using a "hard" spam checker or should I just let them "die out"?

  hugh-265156 00:25 01 Nov 2004

there is no reason not to have an antivirus product on your system as you can get a decent one for free click here install it, update it and run a full scan deleting all it finds. if you have windows xp or windows me then disable system restore if it finds anything and run a full scan again.

check for spyware with these free tools click here click here do the same as above. install, update and scan then delete all. you owe this to the rest of us users. its irresponsible not to use these now days.

  hugh-265156 00:27 01 Nov 2004

apologies i think i have read your post incorectly.

i read 'i have no virus' as i have no antivirus.

check your contacts list and check the addresses are correct maybe.

sorry again.

  Hunte® 12:50 01 Nov 2004

I have exactly the same problems with one of my domains. I typically receive upwards of 50-60 bounce mails a day. The user part of the senders email address is normally a standard word but not one of my actual users. The ones I receive also have spoofed headers that show the originating hop to be one of the MX records for my domain.
As I was getting fed up with these messages, I have now set my mail server to bounce any mail destined for a non-existent user. Not my ideal solution as I have in the past madeup email addresses for mailing lists etc. This is now time consuming when I need to make the new user on the server as well.

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