Spoke too soon - new Mesh system has faults.

  puppetmaster 23:09 08 Jun 2004

I remember saying on here how pleased I was with my new MESH system. Spoke to soon. I have the following problem:

19' TFT monitor goes off and then on at random, sometimes 8-9 times in a hour! Very disturbing and almost impossible to work with. Rang Mesh and they have suggested a few things that have not worked, so I guess it is back on the phone tomorrow. My machine is not even 3 weeks old!

I have tried the following - but the problem remains:

1) Swapped monitor with a known working unit.
2) Checked SMA memory allocation.
3) Checked device manager - no problems.
4) Removed mouse/keyboard software.
5) Checked all cables etc.

I am thinking I should have bought an E MACHINE like my friend has!

  Djohn 02:27 09 Jun 2004

Try a right click of your mouse on the desktop, choose properties/settings/advanced/adaptor tab and click on "List all modes".
Select 1280x1024 at 60Htz click on OK and click OK again until back to desktop.

leave it like that for a while and see if it cures the problem. If not then go back to the adaptor tab/properties/driver tab and click on "Roll back driver" this will restore your monitor driver to it's prior setting.

There is a display driver download from Microsoft's site that if downloaded along with other updates can cause the display to go off as yours is doing. You may have downloaded this update with others or it may have been done automatically if your system is set for automatic updates.

If both the above fail to cure the problem and it's only started recently then do a system restore to a date prior to this happening.

System restore is done as follows.

Left click on start/all programs/accessories/system tools and scroll down to system restore and click on the Icon.

Follow on-screen instructions, choose a date from before this started to happen. This should cure the problem but again if not then you can undo the system restore by doing the above but instead of selecting a date, select "Undo system restore".

Hope this works for you but if not then it may be due to the graphic card overheating and will require work under warranty. j.

  Forum Editor 07:11 09 Jun 2004

Maybe not - yesterday I spent two hours trying to sort out problems with a brand new E-machine for a client. It's one of those things, and of course the grass is always greener...etc.

Give Djohn's suggestions a try, and if they don't work let Mesh have a chance. I'm sure you'll soon be up and running and enjoying your computer.

  accord 07:13 09 Jun 2004

Mesh have presence on this forum and are very helpful.

email [email protected] and a guy called davey will contact you. make sure you advise order no / serial no etc in the email.

  Stuartli 09:53 09 Jun 2004

This seems to me to be a classic case of blaming Mesh for something that may very well not be its fault.

If you have had the system for nearly three weeks and the monitor had been OK until them, it could prove to be the configuration being inadvertently changed, a faulty component or monitor, any of which which has taken a little time to show up.

Mesh assembles systems from hardware, components, motherboards etc delivered by its suppliers - as it uses top class components etc to build these systems, failures are likely to prove low in relation to the overall total number of systems built.

It's how Mesh treats its customers afterwards when such problems might show up that is the real test.

Japanese companies demonstrated that by steadily demanding a maximum components failure rate, now less than one in a million in most instances, from suppliers, whether destined for cars, hi-fi, televisions, cameras, computer items or whatever, reliability increased dramatically - in fact to virtually 100 per cent in the case of some products.

That's why most people have taken product reliability for granted for many years now, with the occasional failure proving an unexpected surprise.

  MESH Support 09:56 09 Jun 2004

I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your Mesh PC.

If you could do as accord suggests but send your details to [email protected] remembering to include your serial/order number and your screen-name (puppetmaster), I'll look into this for you.


Mesh Support

  puppetmaster 12:13 09 Jun 2004

I have emailed MESH this morning - let's see what happens.

If MESH sort this out quickly, I will not hesitate to praise their actions.

  puppetmaster 16:25 20 Jun 2004

Fair play to Mesh they replaced the tower unit very quickly - working okay now.

  Forum Editor 17:52 20 Jun 2004

it's good to know things are OK now.

  961 20:01 20 Jun 2004

It seems from observing this forum over the last couple of months that Mesh service is (at last) beginning to improve

I'm highly pleased about that because I've always rated their systems and value, but stopped buying simply because the service was so poor if anything went wrong

I realise margins are tight, but money spent on keeping the purchaser happy is essential

Hope things continue in this direction

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