Splinter cell Demo Error

  irfan 10:46 16 Apr 2003

can you help me on this error

General protection fault!

History: FD3DRenderInterface::DrawPrimitive - RenderBspSurface - RenderLevel - FLevelSceneNode::Render - FCameraSceneNode::Render - UGameEngine::Draw - UWindowsViewport::Repaint - UWindowsClient::Tick - ClientTick - UGameEngine::Tick - UpdateWorld - MainLoop

What is this? This happens after the the games loads up and says push fire fire button to continue and i did thats what comes up. plaese help

  Conzalis 08:30 19 Apr 2003

I think a General Protection Fault is when a program try's to access an area of RAM that it shouldn't, I don't know wether these suggestions will work, I take it you using Windows 98? In any case, it would be an idea to update your graphics card drivers if you can, perhaps the demo has a patch you can down load from the makers website, this is usually the case.

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