splashdvd.com - poor service

  krypt1c 13:41 06 Dec 2003

Placed an order on 11th November. Credit card debited on 11th November. No sign of order yet. Response to e-mail was 'wating stock'. Then received 2 e-mails from them on different days advising that the same DVD had been despatched. No response from them to further e-mails asking if they have sent the same DVD twice. However they are managing to send me e-mails aking if I would like to buy more. Maybe I'm just unlucky. Any one els use this company ?

  SEASHANTY 13:57 06 Dec 2003

Originally started using Splash but think their sales must have contracted as Play appeared to be taking all the sales. Play's websute is now far bigger and I use them exclusively.

  recap 14:03 06 Dec 2003

Yes krypt1c, I do.

I think the advertised 5 - 7 days delivery is after they have the items in stock. Unfortunately they don't tell you at the time of ordering if it is in stock.

I am still waiting for the delivery of a Game from the beginning of November. Wasn't till I emailed them asking when it was going to be delivered that they told me it was out of stock.

Also this from their Ternm and Conditions:
"22. The period stated within which you will receive your order is approximate. Goods will be sent to the address given by you in your order and stated in the Order Confimation. Please note that your goods may be sent to you in installments."

"Please note that your goods may be sent to you in installments" this is true with all orders I have placed with them. They send each item seperately. If you order 3 items, don't be surprised if you receive each item over a three week period.

  krypt1c 16:32 06 Dec 2003

Thanks people. I only chose them because a DVD price comparison site showed them as being the cheapest for the DVD's I wanted. As it happens I can wait, but if it had been urgent, say for a birthday, it would be useless. BTW the price comparison site is click here

  canard 18:36 06 Dec 2003

I used to love Splash but had probs. These they eventually sorted and there was no dishonesty. Sites that take your dosh on order before dispatch get up my nose. But then if you want something that good bit cheaper paying for them to be ordered for you does reduce customer cost. Splash's stuff turns up eventually. I suspect they have a stormy relationship with their suppliers.

  recap 20:24 06 Dec 2003

Thanks for the link krypt1c, the other site I use is click here

One correction I should make to my above post is that the delivery times stated by Splash are 3 - 5 days and not the 5 - 7 days I said.

  prima12 19:05 07 Dec 2003

I used to use Splash, but their stock levels seemed to be non existant when I ordered anything.The thing that annoyed me more than anything else, was that THEY never contacted me, the purchaser, if there was a stock/delivery problem, I always had to contact them. After about 4 unsuccessful orders I gave up.
I now use Play.com , CD-Wow or DVD.co. P.

  spuds 23:04 07 Dec 2003

I think all the internet music, dvd,games suppliers have their cheapness which brings faults and problems as aired here. I use a number of these suppliers, especially 101cd. At first their service was 1st rate, but as time went on things became more difficult. I ordered a selection of 'in stock'cd's in August. Received all but two, which I am still waiting for. The website still states these particular two cd's are 'in stock, delivery 1-2 days'.Contacting 101cd, and was told, still waiting for deliveries from suppliers.Cancelled order and purchased local for 50p each extra(;o((

  krypt1c 23:59 07 Dec 2003

Thanks all. As most of you say you get what you pay for. Closing now

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