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  User-91B5669B-5828-46BD-AC0152BD2135BC84 15:18 26 Feb 2004

Has anyone else had problems with buying CDs etc from this supplier? I ordered on two sepatate orders some cd s in january this year but when I tried to obtain a delivery date last week I was told the order numbers did not exist! They have ,of coarse, debited my account. They willnot reply to E-mails,letters,or answer the phone,which is always engaged.

  Ranger 23:33 26 Feb 2004

YesI have, I ordered some DVD's in January as well and haven't received them, I did eventually manage to get through to them on the phone (they ignored my emails) and they told me their original supplier had let them down and that they were seeking a new supplier and they would refund my money if I wanted, as I was not in any hurry for the DVD's and have used Splash in the past without any problems I said no I would hold on until they got new supplies,in fact I ordered a other Box DVD set from them 10 days ago and have not received this yet either so it makes me wonder if there are bigger problems going on at Splash than they are letting on.
Obviously the worrying thing is that Splash, unlike Play.com take your cash straight away and not when they dispatch, so if there are any financial problems we are goosed, although hopefully I am looking at a half empty glass at the moment instead of amy usual half full one :¬)

  tomleady 09:24 27 Feb 2004

i've ordered dvd's in the past from Splash, and they've taken weeks to arrive. i once ordered 3 for £20, a month later i got in touch and said i've cancelled my order, but then they convienently sent them out.

other mates of mine have had probs with Splash, so i stay well clear. stick to Play.

  Dumfy 09:54 27 Feb 2004

I agree with Ranger, above.

I ordered two after the New Year. The first arrived after a slight delay, the second didn't. It took a couple of e-mails to get a response from them which was that they are having supply problems and will get stock shortly.

Another delay and a couple of e-mails to find out that there's problems with the supplier indefinately and would I like to cancel and get a refund....which I did. I'll be sure to double check my credit card statement.

Two issues I have with this..

Why didn't Splash e-mail me to say there are problems. Why is it up to the customer to chase and receive somewhat curt responses?

Secondly, and more worryingly, is like Ranger says, they charge up-front as soon as your order is taken and not when it's dispatched. Very poor practice for the customer I think.

This is a personal view, but I will not be using them again and they have been deleted from my "Favourites" folder. I could not recommend them.



  Sparrowhawk 16:59 27 Feb 2004


Have never been disappointed.

  canard 21:40 27 Feb 2004

Had a terrible time with an extravagant Splash order last spring. It was quarter delivered and it took a couple of months and much effort to get the money back. They were maddening but not dishonest. Use DVDpopcorn a lot now. Avoid musica [CDs Chanel Islands]because I ordered a CD Dec 13th. They took money and then discovered they hadn't got it in stock. They emailed me Dec 17th saying it would take a long time to get so I cancelled and asked for a refund.They said they were doing this on Jan 22 but no sponduliks returned. Have reminded them etc -my emails are bounced back.But their web site is still open for business. Have had hiccups before but this is the first time web shopping has let me down completely.

  Ranger 16:43 11 Mar 2004

Well it looks like my half full glass is now empty, I received a email from Splash saying they are ceasing trading on 9th March and a meeting of their creditors will be heldo 24th March, looks like i've lost out on the DVD's I ordered

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