Spending on plastic, or maybe not!!

  canarieslover 21:47 03 Mar 2018

Banks are striving to get everybody onto doing all their spending on plastic and slowly closing ATM's but today I got first hand experience of a good reason not to. I don't know how localised it was but I took my grandson to a local McDonald's today and was surprised to see a long queue at the tills and nobody using the touchscreen order points. I then noticed that the touchscreens all had notices to the effect that they could not process cards. They must have lost there Internet connection but worse still it was losing them custom as it became obvious that quite a lot of people did not have cash enough to pay for a meal and we're leaving without ordering. It was causing a bit of chaos in the drive through as well as several cars had entered before being informed that it was a cash only day and the drivers were frustrated that they could not get out of the queue until the ones in front were served. Being an old fogey I am used to carrying a reasonable amount of cash with me,despite the fact that I regularly use both debit and credit cards, so to pay cash was not a problem. Today I could have been a billionaire in the bank and I would still have gone hungry. With all the tales of DoS attacks and Russian hackers I think I will still be carrying a reasonably full wallet until the day I die.

  Aitchbee 22:04 04 Mar 2018

I've noticed that over the past few months or so at my local bigname store, that the length of queues using the automatic/self-service check-outs have been getting considerably longer and I'm assuming that most of these enlightened customers are using plastic cards to pay for their shopping and probably find it more convenient.

I stick to the old fashioned check-outs and pay by cash all-of-the-time. It's easier to talk to a human if there is a discrepancy or over-charge on the paper receipt.

I suppose it's convenient if you've only got 1 or 2 items to put through the 'beeper' at the former.

  wee eddie 00:41 05 Mar 2018

By late Saturday night almost all of the Cash Machines in Ayr and Kilmarnock were empty

  wee eddie 00:58 05 Mar 2018

I think that they were unable to restock them Friday

  leoaubrie 12:30 05 Mar 2018

I constantly carry some cash with me since I have been in the frustrated group that was waiting to order. I purchase in the store with card and than everything than needs cash I have it. Most people buys online without problems, I am against it frankly, unless its something I cant find elsewhere. Its kind of a limbo you dont live in digital and you dont live traditional. Nor here nor there.

  Forum Editor 22:28 05 Mar 2018

I hardly ever carry more than a few pounds in cash - to me, one of the best things to happen in a long time has been the advent of tap and pay cards, I use them all the time.

The kind of incident you experienced is extremely rare. I think I'll stick to carrying cards and hardly any cash.

  wee eddie 23:35 05 Mar 2018

At the present the Card Companies seem to want more from me to hitch up with their system, at the last count £120pa, than the market merits, so I'm all cash.

But, as a result of this thread, I'm looking into it again

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