Specs for MEDION PC (ALDI one)

  AnthonyB 18:39 24 Nov 2004

/////////////////////Price: 999.00 EUR (£699 in English);)

Technical data:
Processor: Manufacturer and model, clock frequency Intel Pentium 4,550 (3.40 gigahertz)

Buffer: Level-1/Level-2-Cache 28 kilobyte/1024 kilobyte

Main memory: Manufacturer, type, occupied card locations Samsung Ddr-400 CL 3 (2, dual Channel)

Motherboard: Manufacturer and model (kind of non removable disk connection) MSI Ms-7091 (Udma-100, Serial ATA 150)

Chipsatz/BIOS Intel 915P/Phoenix

Non removable disk: Manufacturer and model (kind of connection/speed) The west digitally WD2500JD (s-ata 150/7200 revolutions per minute)

Burner: Manufacturer and model, control program (speeds) Pioneer Dvr-108, 1,14 (vintages: 40fach CD Rome, 16fach CD Rome, 2fach DVD RAM/Schreiben: 32fach CD-r, 24fach CD-rw, 16fach Dvd r, 4fach Dvd rw, 16fach DVD+R, 4fach DVD+RW, 4fach DVD+R DL)

DVD Rome drive assembly: Manufacturer and model (speeds) Artec Dhm-g48r (48fach CD Rome, 16fach Dvd Rome)

Floppy disk drive Missing

Diagram map: Manufacturer and model (diagram processor/memory) Medion (Geforce 6610XL/128 megabyte)
Maximum number of pixels, with the echtfarben with at least 85 cycles per second are representable (recommended sceen size) 1600 x of 1200 pixels (21 tariff)

Sound map: Manufacturer and model C-Media High definition audio DEVICE 7,1 (on motherboard)

TV /Radio map: Manufacturer and model Medion SAA7134 (combination map with Medion)

InterNet entrance equipment: Manufacturer and model (kind) Creatix V.92 DATA fax (similar modem, combination map with TV)

Number and type of existing card locations 3 x PCI, 1 x PCI express, 4 x GDR RAM, 2 x of OATHS (Udma-100), 4 x Serial Ata(s ata 150), 1 x floppy disk drive

Power pack: Manufacturer and model (achievement) Fortron SOURCE Fsp350-60mdn (350 Watts)

Keyboard: Manufacturer and model Medion KBR0108

Mouse: Manufacturer and model Medion MSR0238T

Provided programs Windows XP Home edition, Works Suite 2005, Cyberlink Media Show 3,0, power Director 3,0, power producer gold 2, power DVD 5,0, power Cinema 3,0, Videon Muvee 3,0, Ahead Nero Recorde SE 2,11,24, DivX pro 5,2,1, Musicmatch Jukebox 9,0, Ahead Nero 6,6,01 with express, Nero bake It UP 1,2,0,27, eTrust EZ anti-virus 7,0,141, WISO my money 5,03, Winhond Smart manager 3,1, AOL 9.0

Available housing colors Silver and black

Dimensions: Spreads x height of x depth 17.8 x 36.6 x of 48.0 centimeters/////////////////////

Will this Pc be "upgradable" to (say a Radeon X800/Geforce pci express? - I've read that it is a "Micro MOBO etc", could this present problems for future upgrades? - At least, could you upgrade the GFX Card?. £699 is a good price it seems, but on the German forum boards, the feedback is quite critical: ""should be 1GIG ram, not 512 etc"" "Very noisyNoisy"". anyone else know more about this PC, and WHAT is a Geforce 6610XL? - is it faster than a Radeon 9800 say? - or more in the 9600 realm?. I don't want to take this home tomorrow and finding things under the binnet that dissapoint.

MOBO is a MSI Ms-7091 - is this good?.

TIA sorry for long post:(


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:13 24 Nov 2004

I bought one of these a year ago and it is by far the best machine I have ever used. I don't play games on it but according to PCPitstop, who I have just visited (in the interests of the fiorum hive mind), it rocks big time, including games use. It is not the quietest but not the loudest. 512mb is fine for most apps and another 512 stick runs out at £50 ish.

The case is somewhat cramped but with patience and you can muck abbout inside it. At the time I could not have built it for anywhere near the £699 that I paid for it and yours has a slightly better spec.


  AnthonyB 19:23 24 Nov 2004

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)> for the reply,

with this PCI-Express being new, I wondered whether it will be possible to upgrade this PC at some time, to a X800 (say) - as the system drwas wquite a lot of power under load (233 watts) I believe the PSU is a Fortron 350 WATT? - not sure - but been Googlin' a bit today!. that's just my main concern at the moment, the Graphics card, or more to the point, will it accept normal ones etc (can't see anything about the Geforce 6100XL you see).

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>


  Rwstill 19:33 24 Nov 2004

I had one in April they are more or less the same.
I would say it's a bit quieter than most.
I have installed an extra 1gb of ram, that as made a real difference.
I have also installed an extra 200gb hard drive.
You are provided with a CD to allow you to take the machine back to the day you had it.
Another CD with a full copy of windows xp to enable you to set it up as you want. That is what I have done.
And a copy of all software so you can reinstall.
The help line is ok. But, the first thing they will tell you to do is revert back to the day it was delivered.
The TV and radio haven't really used that.
As far as upgrading your graphics card you can do. only thing is the one already in there as connections for the radio and TV, but I was informed that you don't need to connect them if you don't use the TV and radio.
I did have a problem with my graphic card, and was reluctant to put another in because of those extra connections. and I had to wait about a month as they had no stock, probably all in Germany.

  Modo 19:34 24 Nov 2004

the INQUIRER is offering the best review and spec in English I have seen.

click here

The number of German sites offering a noise dampening kit package suggests it does hit the decibels pretty hard.

But the spec is pretty amazing for the price.

For video editing & burning which seems to be its strength in many respects the 512Nb is a bit weak. I also understand it is only 2 X 256 Mb. I'm still confused at looking at all the specs I've seen and had translated. But it may leave only 1 slot free - & having been stung on my Toshiba M30 laptop with 2 X 256 I'm wary. (The Tosh has so many processes running that are needed with its silly configuration that it needs at least 768, so I needed to replace the 256's with 2 x 512 and the 256's are doing nothing in a draw!)

Again I'm not certain but it seems to only have 1 PCI slot free. The sound is from this new 8.1 Intel integrated sysytem which I haven't heard reviewed based on actual use, so if it really needs a decent sound card expansion options look finito.

  yoghurt 19:46 24 Nov 2004

I also read this machine is okay but very noisy.

But I also read that you could buy some kind of 'silencer' for it.

Does anybody know if this correct ... and does it work, of course?

Also, if this product is available, does it simply plug-in, or what?


  Modo 19:53 24 Nov 2004

Go to pcsilent.de

click here

The Germans are big on silence - you can't even use a lawnmower after midday on Saturday - so they may be more sensitive to noise than us Brits.

put md8383 in Google and most questions that people want to ask will be answered.

Most of the searches seem to be about noise reduction - so caveat emptor.

  AnthonyB 20:17 24 Nov 2004

Re the GFX CARD Quyote from Enquier:

"""The graphic card is a Microstar MS8979 which is built around a Geforce 6610XL, which of course, you won't be able to buy in any shops. The card is bolted on a PCI-Express x16 bus slot and comes with 128MB DDR3 memory running at 800MHz. The core runs at 400MHz, more than the 6600 plain edition but slightly less than the GT version which means that it should be within reach of an overclocked 9800XT""".

the Words "BOLTED DOWN" doesn't mean it is welded to the MOBO or something does it? - and is the "PCI-Express x16 bus slot" Compatable with Graphics cards you can but locally (overclockers/ebuyer etc)?

Quote """Surprisingly, it comes only with three PCI slots and one PCI-e X16 slot. No PCI Express X1""""

Whats a "PCI Express X1"? - will the lack of this be a draw-back for the future? (Graphics cards)

I just want to be able (say) in 6 months time to fit a Radeon X800/geforce on this computer, and not be stuck with the supplied card till the end of its day!



  AnthonyB 20:27 24 Nov 2004

BTW, on a German website, I saw a few benchmarks:

Bench mark info. result
3DMark 2002
3DMark 2003
Quake III "High detail geo." 1024 × 768 × 32 307.9 fps
Quake III "High detail geo." 1280 × 1024 × 32 259.9 fps
Doom 3 1024 × 768 × 32 61.9 fps
Doom 3 1280 × 1024 × 32 45.3 fps
Cinebench 2003 Rendering (x CCU) 351 CB


The 3dmark 2003 (6610) seems a very familiar number - could it be something to do with the GFX card!! - good score mind you, if thats correct.

The source was from one of these links, but were translated, so i'll post a couple or so click here

click here

click here

As one might have Gathered, its the GFX card I'm worried about, that it may be welded to the system, and can't be removed etc....



  yoghurt 01:32 25 Nov 2004

As the Medion seems to be only obtainable from Aldi, has anybody had any experiences shopping at Aldi.

As they don't give their phone numbers out and aren't in the directory, I wonder why this is?

Also, I believe the Medion has a 3-year guarantee. So, has anybody experienced Aldi's after-sales service?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:38 25 Nov 2004

Aldi have been flogging Medions for 3 years. I bought mine from PCW but Toys 'R' Us flog Cybermaxx which are Medions incognito. They seem to have a fairly high rating. As for after-sales, I have never needed it and judging by the quality of the machines you will be unlikely to need it. Best aftersales is on here but Medion do have a UK HQ at click here , where you will also find support.

You will not regret this machine.


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