Spec. advice needed

  blondi 10:40 11 Mar 2005

My father-in-law wants to buy a computer.He has about £600 to spend. It'll be used for the usual email/web access, word processing and digital photo manipulation. They have relatives in Australia so may want to talk via camera. He also plays keyboards and may want to link those to computer.
What sort of spec. does he need?
He brought a Dixon's flyer round and pointed out a 60MB, 256mb, 64mb graphics card(shared) for £359 - would this be adequate?
Any advice gratefully received

  Starfox 11:00 11 Mar 2005

Try PC World or click here

  PsiFox 11:13 11 Mar 2005

He needs to consider more RAM. The example you gave with 256 and 64 shared only leaves the system 192MB to run XP plus applications. To manipulate photos reasonably quickly ensure there is at least 512MB.


  TomJerry 12:28 11 Mar 2005

(1) walk into a PcWolrd shop

(2) find all PCs at his price range (£550 because he need about £50 for a good web camera)

(3) pick up one he fancy, better to have one with TFT screen

(4) pay it and take home and enjoy

any PC in PC World at his price range will be more than adequate for his requirement and PC World prices are very competitive now

as for memory 512MB is nice, but 256MB is good enough and it is very easy to add more in future

If he does not matter to deal with on-line/phone company in case something gone wrong

Mesh's best seller: Matrix M3100 at £499 is really a great machine at that price click here

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