Speaker set up for TV

  Ex plorer 15:16 24 Dec 2014

Hi I will be purchasing one of the following to improve the sound on the TV, however some advice would be welcome as to the best method regardless of wires or not.

Budget £350 - £400 I would go over if its absolutely worth it.

I think my first choice would be AV Tuner or just an Amp on its own. With Shielded speakers.

Or a Sound Bar, with or without the Sub-woofer.

Although there are good Amps around for £200 and speakers for £200. How do I know which of the two pair up the for best results or should any two speakers and amps be roughly the same.

This is for TV use Only. I don't have Smart anything, or music storage, DVD or Blu Player. I do have a Humax Recorder for the TV and thats it.

So any one who may have AV Tuner or just a amp set up for TV what is your advice.

  Pine Man 08:27 25 Dec 2014

Similar to rdave13.

I went into J lewis and listened to all of their sound bars and none were perfect. The salesman connected up a pair of Bose computer speakers to a TV and the result was amazing with a beautiful range of tones. In addition you don't need a sub woofer or separate control as they just plug into the headphone socket and the volume is controlled by the TV remote control.

I think they were about £90 which is a bit expensive for a PC speaker but incredible value compared with sound bars for a TV.

  Ex plorer 17:41 25 Dec 2014

rdave, Pine man, thats worth a try in a fortnight I will be going to my sons and will call into J Lewis and try that, its an idea I had not thought of thank you for your replies.

  Pine Man 08:49 26 Dec 2014

Yes. They are the ones.

  Batch 11:54 26 Dec 2014

I went for Bose Companion 3 (which includes a sub-woofer) and plugged into the headphone socket. I found a second hand set on ebay for £100 (new price £250). They work a treat.

For what they, are soundbars (without a sub-woofer) seem expensive and I'm very dubious about their bass performance as well as channel separation / projection. Plus most of them seem far too big for my 32inch TV and the alcove in which the TV sits.

With the PC speakers like the Bose, the speakers can be placed well apart and directed to fine tune the separation.

One issue with pairing PC speakers with modern TVs is that most modern TVs don't have an analogue line output (only optical/digital which many soundbars work with) which is why the PC speakers have to be plugged into the headphone socket.

  Ex plorer 20:11 26 Dec 2014

I am not sure of sound bars for the money that some can cost, I will still listen to a 2 or 3 in the £300 to £400 bracket at JLs.

I will also consider the PC speakers pine man suggests and any other recommended by JLs

Thats the reason why I would like an Amp or AV and Two speakers I would have thought it would be possible to get a far better performance that way.

I hope they will link one or two up for me for a listen.

I may email them and ask there opinion first and see what they say, thanks to every one for there help so far.

  Batch 09:31 27 Dec 2014

As well as my Bose 3 system (see earlier post), I have my set-up connected to my stereo system (e.g. Denon stereo receiver and Tannoy floor standers) when I want to really shake the house down. Different kettle of fish altogether. The speakers alone cost £400 about 20-25 years ago.

You could look at somewhere like Richer Sounds for either a simple mini-system (there are some surprisingly good ones) or just a stereo amp + speakers (Richers have some good deals on these).

Also depends how much space you've got for placing the speakers. That's where the Bose 3 comes in handy. Two 3 inch cubes (with mini-stands if you want to use them) for left and right and a sub-woofer on the floor. The size of the cubes facilitates placing them in all sorts of places.

  wee eddie 13:13 27 Dec 2014

This thing about Subwoofers is something of a copout. They're good if the base speakers in your set are less than 8", but pointless with woofers of 10" and upward. My old speakers got left out in the rain and I now have Mission 303's which really need something to punch out the baseline.

Those little Bose are lovely until you need to shift air but for private listening, a snip.

  Batch 20:18 27 Dec 2014


I think you're not wide of the mark. But AFAIK they aren't really sold as hi-fi. They're PC speakers that are still a dramatic improvement on many TVs' in-built sound.

Many soundbars could be considered as falling into the same category.

You pays your money.....

  Ex plorer 13:58 28 Dec 2014

(Marantz PM6005 amplifier) £250.00, It does not have USB or Blu-Tooth but I don't need them, PM6005

Yamaha RX-V377 AV 5.1 £190.00 here

Dalizensor1 speakers at £200. here What I am not sure about is if the Amps pair with the speakers?

Or just go the full 5.1
£450.00 here

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