Speak to a human!

  Graham ® 16:05 03 Mar 2006

I have a feeling this has been aired before, but always worth a repeat:
click here

  961 16:33 03 Mar 2006

If I can talk about BT as a prime example

If you can burrow down through the "infrastructure" that BT create you can find some guys who are working incredibly hard to serve the customers of the company

But to do that you have to avoid the "India Experience", as you do with many ISPs for example

I have a number that I can ring that seems to work to sort out a problem I have with BT or my excahnge line or my broadband

I don't throw it around for all to use

But I am no more than an ordinary BT customer

Just because I have made myself a total pain to get such access, why should other customers still have to trawl their way round the sub continent

And yet these guys, down in 1000 wires at a box in a ditch in the freezing cold, are still giving of their best

Stop and talk to one of them sometime, if you meet one

You'll be amazed!

  ade.h 19:04 03 Mar 2006

I wonder, once such information becomes public knowledge, whether the companies involved get their phone systems reprogrammed sooner or later.

  Graham ® 19:12 03 Mar 2006

Given the grand scale of humanity, it will be only a tiny proportion of those who know these 'tricks'. The person receiving the call will have no reason to think someone has short-circuited their system.

  keewaa 20:16 03 Mar 2006

I think Ricky Gervais would be able to come up with a good 'behind the scenes' comedy series "Help Lines"

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