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  john bunyan 12:22 20 Nov 2019

There seems to be more spam first time posters than forum members at the moment. Most is spotted by the membership but , together with fewer posts in general, the site is suffering ,unfortunately.

  Menzie 13:08 20 Nov 2019

Didn't we have a thread about Spam a month or so ago? :-)

It happens with many forums online, for whatever reason spam is continuously posted even though they are eventually deleted. It is a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

I hate to say it, but I really only participate in Speaker's Corner mostly now. There are too many threads where someone is looking for the impossible. Gaming PCs to run the latest system-killing blockbusters for £300, mobile phones for less than the cost of a trip to the cinema that compete with an iPhone/Pixel 4, etc.

I understand the nature of forums and not everyone will bother to post a reply or say what solution they found helped. That in itself has probably put many off.

  wee eddie 14:58 20 Nov 2019

As I have suggested before, the removal of the Forums Tag from the Headline was the beginning of the end.

Casual visitors to the TA Site will be unlikely to even guess that the Forums exist. Whether moving the Forum's Tag to the bottom of the "More" Section was an intentional downgrading is debateable, but as it is unlikely that the Forum pays its way these days, the writing appears to be on the wall.

  Govan1x 23:29 20 Nov 2019

Most of them coming from India-Pakistan area so we should be happy that we are not getting more than the small amount that we are actually getting.

Quite a few are first time posters which also means that they are also last time posters.

  Forum Editor 09:58 23 Nov 2019

"I even suggested to the FE something on the lines of allowing a limited number of users to delete spam to save him the hassle of having to do it"

It isn't a hassle - it's partly what I am here for.

There would be numerous complications involved in doing what you suggest - too numerous to discuss here. As I've said before, we're fine as we are, we have one of the cleanest forums in existence when it comes to spam because of a system we have honed over many years.

  Forum Editor 22:47 26 Nov 2019

"I think I am right about huge spam posts been copy/pasted into other forums as I have seen it happen on a site called toms hardware"

It has been happening for years, and affects all forum sites. Some are better than others at spotting and deleting spam posts, that's all. Our site has a huge audience, it makes us an attractive proposition.

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