the spam debate

  rupie 00:22 08 Aug 2003

I have had the same e mail address for 7 years. I surf alot and have given out my address to people who need it. Until 3 weeks ago I never had spam. My ISP is a business ISP, not one full of kids etc. I visited a microsoft website for the first time the other day and am now getting spam. My friend who has a hotmail account says she recieves lots and lots. There is a connection that either microsoft is selling data or people are targeting microsoft sites to intersept traffic ??????????

  Forum Editor 00:39 08 Aug 2003

of paranoia about Microsoft and personal data.

Imagine that you are the world's largest software company, and your turnover runs into billions of dollars each year. Pretty well every computer user on the planet has at least one of your applications running, and most of them have one of your operating system installed. Millions of people have trusted you enough to provide you with some of their personal details.

Would you risk losing all credibility in the market by selling your customers' personal data for a few more dollars? Of course not - you wouldn't be so stupid......and nor would Microsoft.

Now imagine that you want to bombard people with a sales promotion message. You know that there is a free email service that has literally millions of registered users, and you fancy sending them a message. What would be the best way of doing it? You don't know any of the real email addresses, but you can be pretty sure that:

almost [email protected] will be registered, so you pick up some software that will generate a million different names followed by

Lots of them will bounce, but many more will be live email accounts, and suddenly tens of thousands of people start receiving your're a fully-fledges spammer, and hated by everyone on the internet.

The same thing can be done to any domain name, including ISPs' domains, and your address can be 'harvested' when you visit some web sites.

  Mango Grummit 06:01 08 Aug 2003

It just happens.

For years I received very little spam then about 6 or 7 weeks ago I started getting 70+ per day. Worse my address was being used to spam others. I had not been to any dodgy sites nor had I done anything to suddenly encourage this sort of thing. Someone ran a thread a few weeks ago entitled "I'm not so smug now" as his thinking had been (like mine) that you bring these things on yourself. You don't, it's the luck of the draw it seems!

You can't do what I did since yours is a business account but I just closed that particular address for 3 days and since reopening it everything is back to normal.

All you can do is delete without opening (don't bounce) and in time they will decrease.

  Steven135 09:52 08 Aug 2003

I have Mailwasher and its set to bounce the spam, have to admit this pleases me spamming the spammer and all that.

I hadn't thought of adding to their nefarious clogging of the Internet :-(

Why does just deleting have the affect of reducing this curse, wouldn't they realise they had live addresses since they were not bounced?

  john-232317 12:11 08 Aug 2003

I get about 60 a day from virgin account, in fact i think i get a copy for every virgin account email, cos most of them have different names on to mine. There were so many on my account after not using it for almost a year, that it used to time out before i could download them , i had to use mail2web to delete them all to clear some space. I just select them all and forward them to abuse at, it probably does no good, but it gives me some sort of kinky satisfaction.;-)Still waiting for a responce from virgin..

I only get a few on hotmail.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:09 08 Aug 2003

'have to admit this pleases me spamming the spammer'...just to clsrify, when spam is bounced all you do is clog up the servers, it is rare that spammers use the same send and receive address. Even if you manage to get through to the spammer they have return filters. All you are doing is increasing the amount of spam clogging up the are not helping at all and this includes sending mail to [email protected] etc... The best thing to do is delete it from the server.


  suzie005 14:19 08 Aug 2003

i never used to get any with the ntl account.suddenly loads started used to be around a 100 a day ( a few months ago) but now it's 140+.i only give the addy out to friends and i never click on them .i get more spam than i do in the hotmail account.i gave up in outlook trying to sort them out into groups so i delete them as they come.i haven't bothered contacting ntl cos i know they won't do owt.

  Steven135 17:53 08 Aug 2003

Gandalf as I said this had not occured to me has now!

  Forum Editor 18:04 08 Aug 2003

suggest that approximately 53% of all email traffic now consists of spam. Only two years ago this figure was around 10%.

There has been a spam explosion, and lots of people are working on ways to deal with the problem once and for all, but it's a mammoth task. International cooperation on a grand scale is needed, and history has shown us that isn't something that can be relied upon.

  spuds 20:50 08 Aug 2003

I think most people are suffering more spam abuse nowadays. On a personal note,about six months ago I was getting about a dozen spams per week.Now I tend to receive about 20/30 per day, most originating from the USA. The annoying thing was that my email account was 'closed',and genuine emails were being refused by my ISP at one point, due to the volume of emails that I had received, during a computer breakdown absence.

  comsuppwor 22:00 08 Aug 2003

At the moment ,being offline for a while .
But when I came back the e-mail is ok at the moment but those annoying grey pop-ups (new to me)where driving me mad till I got advice on this site,on switching off windows messenger.
Peace blessed peace.
Cheers Guys.

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