Spam - Curious

  -pops- 08:42 09 May 2003

Does anyone know, either themselves or can point me to a location to find out if, on replying to spam messages that debts are consolidated, Viagra and Xanax (what's that?) are actually obtained and all my inferior sized parts are improved?

For obvious reasons I don't want to respond to spam myself and I don't expect others to either, it is pure curiosity.

Another point is that with the almost universal condemnation of spam, do the spammers make money from their activities?


  MIke 08:53 09 May 2003

Xanax is an anti-depressant

  -pops- 08:56 09 May 2003

Oh. Probably need it after wading through all the reams of spam!

  t.long 09:29 09 May 2003

Well I guess spammers must make some money, since it must cost money to get the lists and send out all those emails. I do not imagine they do it simply to be anoying.

  Sketch 23:16 09 May 2003

Try out 'Mailwasher v3.0' if you are using OE and are getting hassled. You will be hassled, no more.

And the idea of sending the spammer all their spam back to them is just a 'hoot'.....



  H-J 00:43 10 May 2003

Personally I find the terms spam and junk mail slightly objectional in this context. To anyone who hasnt suffered, or people who are not online, the terms are suggestive of something that is at worse, a bit of a nuisance. In fact most of us know that the problem is a lot bigger than that. I think we need a new name for these people. 'Evil perverted parasite scumbags', while not quite as catchy as 'spammers', still gets my vote as a more accurate description of these low lifes.


  -pops- 06:33 10 May 2003

Sketch: with all due respect your answer is not relevant to my question. H-J - neither is yours.

I'll close this now.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:44 10 May 2003

They can be annoying if you let them but spam, pop-ups and Pr0n actually pay much of the costs of the internet. If it were not for these three the costs of using the Net would be prohibitive for many people.

There are various anti-spam progs that are fairly good at stopping spam but I just use the delete really is no more difficult than that.

The amount of spam has increased greatly in the last year which leads me to suspect that the ISPs and Telcos (NTL and Telewest especially) are having a bit of a hard time which their end of year summaries tend to confirm.

However the Net is a free resource that can be used anywhere in the world (well not freely in China, Saudi and Tibet ;-)) etc) and I for one would not like any restrictions put on methods of funding it. If access cost were trebled it would not bother me or many in the UK but there would be millions that could not afford it and it is those people that need support.

Building a wall is difficult, sitting on a comfy chair, hitting delete, is not. ;-)))) It is only advertising after all and sensible people can deal with it or do as I did, reply to a Crucial pop-up 2 years ago....all advertising is not bad. Getting worked up about it is rather OTT as there must be more important things to worry about and deal with in life.



  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:48 10 May 2003

'And the idea of sending the spammer all their spam back to them is just a 'hoot'....Doh, the spam goes back to the servers which you probably use, it does not go back to the spammer. Spammers set up disposable addresses that are used once and even if mail is returned they have mailbots that delete incoming, as the address is only used for out-going. By sending mail back you are creating TWICE as much the math! Doh! No wonder Internet access is getting difficult. *sigh*


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