SP2 Possible vulnerability?

  smokingbeagle 17:29 20 Aug 2004

click here

  smokingbeagle 17:39 20 Aug 2004
  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:46 20 Aug 2004

I have a feeling that home users will have no need to worry.


  carver 23:25 20 Aug 2004

More about it here click here and it's been out how long?.

  Stuartli 09:47 21 Aug 2004

More Microsoft bashing, for no real reason it seems.

Cars have been around for many, many years - literally billions of them have been made and you would have thought that manufacturers would have got it right by now?

Yet cars still go wrong.....

Operating systems in the form you know on your computer system have been around for only a comparatively short time, yet users seem to think that a highly configurable product should work without question with whatever software/hardware is installed on it...:-)

  Forum Editor 10:10 21 Aug 2004

there will be the usual feeding frenzy as people fall over themselves to say "See? we told you so, Microsoft has released a faulty Service pack again, and placed us all at serious risk of losing all our money and possibly our lives - batten down the hatches and only run your PC if two armed guards are stationed at the door".

What rubbish. Stuartli has put this into the correct perspective, and nobody needs to run for the hills and strip the supermarkets of sugar and candles. Carry on using your computer and ignore the panic merchants who have nothing better to do than try to scare the living daylights out of you.

Whatever living daylights are.

  smokingbeagle 17:33 21 Aug 2004

MS would have known that there would be sniping - it goes with being the biggest and most sucessful. People should but don't always fully acknowledge MS's contribution to affordable and accessible computing. Just disappointed that after all the beta testing, they could'nt give us a couple of clear months without stories of exploits and vulnerabilities.

  Stuartli 16:55 22 Aug 2004

Beta testing involves far fewer people than when the final version is released and literally millions download it.

Much more likely to find problems then...

Microsoft also co-operates with specialist companies who seek to replicate any possible problems both before and after software is released.

That's how some of the IE security issues have been discovered in the past and MS acknowledges such help when it posts hotfixes or patches.

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