Southernboy and jospar

  Stuartli 15:04 05 Aug 2003

I have a 2MP Minolta Dimage E203 bought to use alongside my Ashai Pentax Spotmatic and Nikon F301 body with Tamron 28-200mm zoom (a remarkably compact zoom lens).

A lot of the time I use it at the medium resolution setting (about 1.3MP) and, with a 32MB SD or MMC memory card can take more than 100 pix, including the use of flash. There is still quite a lot of juice left at the finish (1300mAp Ni-MH rechargeable type) in the batteries.

The pix at this resolution print perfectly well at the standard sizes using Pixology's online laboratory service - most shots are also stored on my computer for possible future use.

Despite what has been stated about, digital cameras are progressing at an astonishing rate and the top ones certainly do challenge film cameras' ability. In a year or two, they will raise that ability yet again.

As for converging verticals, advantages of old quarter plate models etc 98 per cent of people using a camera couldn't care less; all they seek are clear, sharp photos.

As stated, converging verticals and like matters have never normally been an issue with 35mm, two and a quarter square or similar size films camera users.

In the case of depth of field, this can be reduced for portraits and similar shots by setting a digital camera's zoom lens at the telephoto range end and moving back a short distance.

You being further away will also help the subject to relax and lead to better portraits.

jospar, I'm surprised you beat an SLR photographer to your otter shot - I still hate the slight delay using a digital camera after pressing the shutter button and a quality SLR will beat one hands down in this respect, even allowing for the mirror action; a between lens shutter model would be even quicker.

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