South Holland Area Of Lincolnshire Fraudsters Hit On PC Owners.

  uggly 13:03 17 Apr 2012

I have taken the liberty to copy and paste an online article from my local paper The Spalding Guardian based in Spalding Lincolnshire about fraudsters targetting peoples computers by pretending to be from Microsoft.If you live in an area from roughly Boston to Crowland and Bourne to Long Sutton all in Lincolnshire, be very aware of whats going on from the item below....

Fraudsters hit on PC owners

Published on Sunday 15 April 2012 16:00

COMPUTER scammers posing as Microsoft employees are targeting South Holland residents in a bid to hack credit card details and other personal data.Two Spalding Guardian readers randomly contacted by fraudsters are warning others not to be fooled.One reader was called in the early hours by “an Indian sounding male” claiming to be from Microsoft and working with BT. He said he wanted to check her broadband speed.Dorinda Stevens, of Abbots Way, Spalding, said: “I was totally fooled. My only excuse was it was early in the morning and I just went along with him – starting up my PC and allowing this fraudster dual control of my computer.“It was only when he started asking me questions on ‘Do you shop online?’ that I then began to worry and the alarm bells started to come on.”Ms Stevens turned off her computer and heard the caller “panicking to quickly finish off interfering with my files”.

She said: “That off-guard moment has cost me £30 for BT to put it right.”

Ms Stevens said the dual sharing screen appeared genuine.She said: “It was a hoax and I nearly got caught. On restarting my PC, I found I had lost all my icons.”Jayne Moore, a director of Gedney firm Moore Construction Services, had an international call at 2.30pm on Tuesday from a man with a Pakistani accent who claimed to be from the “Microsoft Certified Service Centre”.The caller said her PC had been corrupted, started to talk her through the process of changing programming details and asked her to type in extra words.Mrs Moore said: “When I refused they got rather abrupt which made me even more suspicious. I told them again I would not enter extra words but would call my service provider and then call them back. The reply was okay and they put the phone down.“I immediately contacted Microsoft who apologised for the scam call and said under no circumstances does Microsoft contact people direct.”She believes the scammers are based overseas and are currently trawling 01406 numbers in an attempt to catch people out.

  wiz-king 13:27 17 Apr 2012

Countrywide and been happening for several years.

  daz60 13:54 17 Apr 2012


Worldwide..more like.If it is possible to pinpoint an hacker,as recent news items show,why not target these scammers more closely,or are we being left as fodder for the criminals.

  uggly 19:31 17 Apr 2012

Wiz-king.Its the first time I've seen it reported here in South Lincolnshire hence my 'copy and paste' effort to alert those who read PCA get to know whats happening.I occasionally get a call from Dell,but I always ask them for my order number to detect whether or not they are genuine or fake.The good lady mentioned in the article doesn't live too far from me.

daz60.I wish there was a way to detect these disgusting despicable people whose random calls terrify older and vulnerable users of computers. Its a real shame that nobody has invented a piece of software we could install on our computers which would automatically unlock all witheld numbers and log every inbound phone call made. I agree with you we're being used as fodder for the criminals.

  Forum Editor 22:37 17 Apr 2012

As wiz-king says, this has been a widespread problem for several years. I imagine that as long as people are taken in by the (often very plausible) explanations offered by the fraudsters it will continue.

  hssutton 18:12 18 Apr 2012

I live in Lincolnshire and guess what we received a call from these scammers just a couple of days ago. Unfortunately for them my wife answered the call. I doubt there's anyone on this planet more computer illiterate than my wife, but I had warned her about these kind of calls.

I was ROFl at her part of the conversation, she kept up the chat for approx 10 minutes before she spoilt it all by telling the asian bloke on the other end of the phone that she didn't have a computer.

  hssutton 19:03 18 Apr 2012

Not sure if others are getting similar calls, but we have just had another unsolicited phone call informing that we can claim several £1000s for miss sold PPIs

  morddwyd 21:17 18 Apr 2012

Managed to stop all spam/scam phone calls (TrueCall).

Now if only I could do the same for text messages offering me compensation for my non-existent accident!

  finerty 15:01 19 Apr 2012

Rule of thumb never ever give out your credit details to anyone on the phone email or for whatever reason until you absolute sure who you are dealing with.

If in doubt unplug the phone or let the phone calls go to the answer machine.

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