Sound bars are getting slimmer so....

  Ex plorer 14:37 03 Jan 2014

TVs of today get slimmer and now little or no bezel = poor sound quality.

Looking at sound bars of today many are going the same way, so why cant they build them in to the TV.

Even if the speaker bar sticks out slightly at the front would it matter, its no different to wall hanging the TV and mounting the Sound Bar underneath it still sticks out further than the TV, or if the Sound bar sits in front of the TV on a table.

Its all far better than extra wires. I am not looking for surround sound just crisp clear dialogue no matter what you spend on the TV.

  wee eddie 16:26 03 Jan 2014

A chance to sell you extras with the TV.

  wee eddie 16:27 03 Jan 2014

By the by: The smaller/lighter the Speaker Cabinet, the more impoverished the Sound it emits

  tonyq 19:23 04 Jan 2014

I have been looking at soundbars for a while now,and have come across the following,

click here looks to be more fitting for my use. I have a Panasonic TV (32in)and like you the sound from modern tv's is poor,especially when me and the wife have poor earing. The sounds in programs seems to vary so much.


  Ex plorer 21:12 07 Jan 2014

You may be right on the extras wee eddie, but a decent sound bar, or system costs hundreds of pounds.

Each manufacture should give an option to buy a sound system at a greatly reduced price with any new TV.

Customer will often buy a better sound system by other manufactures than the TV they own or when buying a new TV at similar prices.

As tonq points out on his link a speaker board can be bought for over £217.00. It would be nice to have this unit at a reduced price with a new TV as an option.

They get there cake and eat it and are Fat from it' producing TVs with poor quality sound, and forcing us into to buying a speaker that will complement the TV.

  Ex plorer 10:58 09 Jan 2014

Beta, its a choice of words that has many meanings. Maybe not totally correct. Pity you dint add your thoughts as just picking up on word.

But to improve sound quality to picture whatever size or price of TV its almost essential to budget for a sound system.

Seems Like I am repeating myself and either people are happy to buy a £1000 TV with inadequate sound or prefer to pay the extra these days.

  lotvic 17:09 12 Jan 2014


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