Sony (we do not)Repair center

  Monty1975 18:47 22 Mar 2010

Before I get to sit down and write my endless complaints about the seriously bad rubbish service I have had fom sony, Has anyone else encoutered problems with then?

  chub_tor 19:14 22 Mar 2010

On the contrary, I have had two instances where I have had to contact Sony service for camcorder faults and repairs. Both were made out of warranty at no charge and were dealth with swiftly and efficiently. I have the highest regard for them.

  ronalddonald 19:25 22 Mar 2010

what are your complaints with sony corp or sony centers, they way you've written something and the way chub_tor replied almost seems pre-rehearsed.

Why would you want o to know about other peoples problems when you haven't explained your problem with sony.

  chub_tor 20:17 22 Mar 2010

What are you implying? Monty1975 asked if anyone had had a problem with Sony Service and I replied that I hadn't. Surely it is quite normal to ask if others have had a problem, he was just conducting a poll and I responded.

  jack 20:34 22 Mar 2010

What equipment is it and what is the trouble
Is it still under warranty?
Are you aware there are Sony dealers who claim to be be service centres
There Sony retail direct[ As at say Blue Water or other large Malls
There is Sony UK - via the web.

Tell us more.

  sunnystaines 21:01 22 Mar 2010

the sony centre's i have found OK.

But the sony web support for their pc's laptops very poor plus parts very expesive.

  Monty1975 07:15 23 Mar 2010

Sorry people, I will let you know about the nightmare problem tonight, Just need to be conposed and calm down to write it. I will tell you that it regards my £2000 odd laptop, incompetent workers at the UK repair center and no help what so ever from SONY apart from go away and your getting nothing out of us!

  Whitehart 16:33 23 Mar 2010

Must say it was a good few years ago, about 1989 I think. I bought a Sony television from my local electrical shop, small independent, not one of the high street big name stores, and after three weeks use the black finish on the frame surrounding the screen started peeling off.

We rang the shop where we purchased it and the shop owner himself came to have a look and decided that the set was faulty and he would contact the manufacturer, Sony.

After many weeks of waiting someone from Sony came and inspected the TV and took a few notes and said he would report back to us. We did eventually receive a letter from Sony absolving themselves from blame and they actually accused us of causing the damage ourselves with "aggressive cleaning with a pan scrubber or similar".

Now I know we all do silly things sometimes but to do that to a new TV, no way. In the end we took Sony to the small claims court and won, the TV shop then supplied us with a new TV.

The shop owner did all he could to help us and I bought many more things from him over the years, but I avoid Sony products needless to say.

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