Sony Vaio PC W1 widescreen media computer

  3tg 20:25 09 Dec 2003

I am looking at the above Pc, Has any member bought one and have you formed an any impressions of it yet ?. It seems to have what I want but at £1500 is it too much ?. Many thanks.

  Q-Bie 22:52 09 Dec 2003

If it's the one we sell at PC World, it's nice but there is absolutely NO room for upgrading at all, except the ram, there are no expansion slots for new graphics cards, it's like a laptop i nthe way it's all custom built to fit the smart case.

We had to refund one the other day because the onboard graphics aren't great and the guy was told by one of the sales guys that "it would play all the latest games"... If there are different models make sure they have a decent onboard graphics chip before you buy it!

  Taran 23:03 09 Dec 2003

I looked at one a few days ago and couldn't think of a good reason for buying one other than the 'wow' factor.

I've seen other machines with far better spec for less outlay, so unless you want the monitor setup for something specific, I'd suggest you have another think.

It's nice to look at and will perform well within its limits, but it's kind of like a deskbound widescreen laptop in that what you buy is what you get and you're stuck with it - see Q-Bie's comments re upgrade.

In its favour, the software bundle you get with Sony does all kinds of really nice things and is well worth a look, but it still doesn't justify the cost, in my view anyway.

  3tg 20:13 10 Dec 2003

Thanks to you both, I've been out today and looked at it, had a play with it and you are right, I was only looking at the wow factor. It is too much to pay, I do have a perfectly good computer and it has the Tv facility etc and I never use it. There is lots I could use but just as much I wouldn't use. Cheers. Merry Christmas !

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